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[repeated line]
Penfold: "Oh, crumbs."

[Dangermouse has crashed through a brick wall]
Penfold: "Oh, doesn't that hurt, Chief?"
Dangermouse: "No, didn't feel a thing!"
[Dangermouse faints]

[standing below the wall of Greenback's castle]
Dangermouse: "Um, hello? Excuse me? Can we have our ball back, please? I..."
[a fizzing bomb is dropped into his hand]
Dangermouse: "Oh, thanks very much!"
Penfold: "D.M.! Look out! It's a bomb!"
Dangermouse: "Hmm? Oh yes, I know it's a buh-buh-buh-buh, buh-buh-buh-buh, a b-, a b-, a bomb!"

Baron Silas Greenback: "Stiletto, get the Bad Luck Eye."
Stiletto: "Si, Barone. At-a once!"
[he roots around in Penfold's pocket with pliers, and pulls something out]
Stiletto: "Ahh, succ-a-sess! I have-a the eye, Barone!"

[repeated line]
Dangermouse: "Shush."

[Penfold falls through the air; the scene freezes for the end of the episode]
Narrator: "Will it be Isaac Newton 1: Penfold nil? Tune in next time to find out!"