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Episode Guide

Series 1

  1. Rogue Robots
    Danger Mouse discovers that Baron Greenback is behind a wave of attack robots that have been going after agents.
  2. Who Stole The Bagpipes?
    Danger Mouse and Penfold travel to Scotland to keep Greenback from destroying the world with music from all the world's bagpipes.
  3. The Trouble With Ghosts
    Greenback captures Colonel K and has the Colonel send Danger Mouse and Penfold on holiday to a haunted castle in Transylvania.
  4. The Chicken Run
    Greenback steals a growth serum from Professor Squakencluck and with it creates giant chickens to take over the world.
  5. The Martian Misfit
    Greenback creates a `Martian' to keep Danger Mouse busy while he sets out on a crime spree.
  6. The Dream Machine
    Greenback drives Danger Mouse and Penfold crazy with his dream machine.
  7. Lord Of The Bungle
    A fall causes Penfold to think he is the Lord of the Jungle, when he and Danger Mouse try to find out why elephants are being turned into sugar cubes.
  8. Die Laughing
    Greenback is causing the world's leaders to laugh themselves to death in his latest plot to become ruler of the Earth.
  9. The World Of Machines
    Greenback kidnaps Penfold to lure Danger Mouse into a spaceship and send both of them to a planet ruled by machines.
  10. Ice Station Camel
    Danger Mouse must stop Greenback who has stopped the Earth's rotation which in turn has canceled gravity.
  11. The Plague Of Pyramids
    Danger Mouse discovers Greenback is behind a plague of pyramids which are popping up all over England and threatening to sink England.

Series 2

  1. Custard
    Danger Mouse travels to outer space to find a custard mite and bring him to Earth after Greenback floods the world in instant custard.
  2. Close Encounters Of The Absurd Kind
    Aliens capture Danger Mouse and Penfold for use in an experiment when they journey to the Bermuda Triangle on the trail of Baron Greenback.
  3. The Duel
    Greenback tells Danger Mouse that he will go straight if Danger Mouse beats him in a duel and if Danger Mouse promises to quit his job if he is the loser.
  4. The Day Of The Suds
    Washing machines under the control of Greenback threaten to destroy London.
  5. The Bad Luck Eye Of The Little Yellow God
    Greenback has stolen a bad luck charm for use in a bad luck ray. Danger Mouse manages to get it and attempts to give it back to the original owners who don't really want it back.
  6. The Four Tasks Of Danger Mouse
    Greenback kidnaps Penfold to get Danger Mouse to bring him four ingredients needed for an evil spell. Danger Mouse meets Count Duckula when one ingredient turns out to be the feather of a vampire duck.

Series 3

  1. The Invasion Of Colonel 'K'
    Greenback shrinks himself and enters Colonel K's body to learn all of the Colonel's secrets.
  2. Danger Mouse Saves The World... Again
    Danger Mouse is captured by Greenback when Greenback threatens to destroy all the world's signposts, and is subjected to a brain picker to remove all his thoughts.
  3. The Odd Ball Runaround
    Greenback is determined to steal plans that Danger Mouse and Penfold are transporting from Australia to London.
  4. The Strange Case Of The Ghost Bus
    Danger Mouse is sent to the Indian Ocean to investigate several ship sinkings caused by ghost-like buses that vanish.
  5. Trip To America
    Danger Mouse travels to the United States where he teams up with a Texan to defeat Greenback, who has shrunk and stolen the world's greatest buildings.

Series 4

  1. The Wild, Wild Goose Chase
    Danger Mouse finds a computerized hideout locator which leads him to Baron Greenback's hideouts.
  2. The Return Of Count Duckula
    Agent 57, the master of disguise, helps Danger Mouse defeat Count Duckula who has teamed up with Greenback to turn Parliament show-biz crazy.
  3. Demons Aren't Dull
    A Demon from the 4th dimension dares Danger Mouse to stop him from stealing famous buildings.
  4. 150 Million Years Lost
    Danger Mouse must rescue Penfold after Professor Squakencluck's time machine sends Penfold back in time.
  5. The Planet Of The Cats
    Danger Mouse and Penfold end up in the future where the world is ruled by cats who are taking orders from a descendent of Greenback.
  6. 4 Heads Are Better Than 2
    Colonel K teams Danger Mouse up with a robot Penfold and Penfold with a robot Danger Mouse so one pair can help Agent 57 and the other can capture Greenback.
  7. Tower Of Terror
    Danger Mouse tracks Greenback down to a New York skyscraper where strange things happen to the World's Greatest Secret Agent.
  8. The Great Bone Idol
    Count Duckula and Greenback team up to find the Bone Idol which can control all the dogs in the world.
  9. Public Enemy No. 1
    It is up to Penfold to stop Danger Mouse when Danger Mouse takes up a life of crime.

Series 5

  1. Long Lost Crown Affair
    Greenback ruins a holiday for Danger Mouse and Penfold who are in the Amazon jungle searching for the long lost crown that belonged to an Aztec ruler.
  2. By George It's A Dragon
    Danger Mouse and Penfold travel to Wales to battle a dragon called Jones.
  3. Tiptoe Through The Penfolds
    Greenback tests his new duplication machine on Penfold, which malfunctions and leaves him with hundreds of Penfolds to deal with.
  4. Project Moon
    Danger Mouse and Penfold journey to the moon to put a radio jamming station Greenback has built there out of operation.
  5. The Next Ice Age Begins At Midnight
    Greenback threatens to use his weather control machine to create an ice age if he is not crowned king of the world.
  6. The Aliens Are Coming
    Danger Mouse and Penfold are chosen as Ambassadors to meet aliens and end up being terrorized by their giant toys.
  7. Remote-Controlled Chaos
    The boffins at HQ accidentally install parts meant for Colonel K's washing machine in Danger Mouse's car.
  8. The Man From Gadget
    A salesman of gadgets for secret agents tries to sell Danger Mouse devices which will help him in reaching Greenback's hard to reach hideout.
  9. Tampering With Time Tickles
    Greenback develops age-altering bombs which turn Danger Mouse into an over eager youth and puts Penfold on the verge of senility.
  10. Nero Power
    Nero gains strange powers, which he uses to terrorize Danger Mouse and Penfold, after he falls into one of Greenback's inventions.

Series 6

  1. Once Upon A Time Slip
    The narrator starts reading a twisted version of Robin Hood which Danger Mouse and Penfold must act out, instead of what he's supposed to be reading.
  2. Viva Danger Mouse
    Greenback teams up with El Loco in a plan to put cactus needles in all of the most important chairs in the world.
  3. Play It Again, Wufgang
    Danger Mouse and Penfold go after a mad composer who has destroyed all the world's music.
  4. Hear, Hear
    Penfold's hearing problems make him immune to a device that brainwashes anyone who hears Greenback's voice.
  5. Multiplication Fable
    An alien pet escapes from a crash-landed spaceship and it multiplies whenever something touches it, making its capture difficult.
  6. The Spy Who Stayed In With A Cold
    Agent 57 teams up with Danger Mouse to defeat Baron Greenback when Penfold stays home with a cold; the only problem is 57 gets it too and every time he sneezes he changes disguise.
  7. It's All White, White Wonder
    An experimental enzyme escapes into the sewers and turns everything it comes in contact with white.
  8. The Hickory Dickory Dock Dilemma
    Danger Mouse and Penfold end up in a time-traveling clock when they investigate an attempted robbery of the crown jewels.
  9. What A Three-Point Turn-Up For The Book
    Danger Mouse goes after his car, which has taken off on its own, keeping Danger Mouse from attending an award ceremony.
  10. Quark! Quark!
    Penfold is instrumental in keeping alien, J.J. Quark, from taking over the Earth.
  11. 'Alping Is Snow Easy Matter
    Greenback is melting the polar ice caps to cause a flood and open up a market to sell rubber rafts at inflated prices.
  12. 'Aaargh! Spiders!
    With Greenback on vacation, Stiletto uses a ray to create giant spiders to take over London.
  13. One Of Our Stately Homes Is Missing
    Danger Mouse assists Bleep, Bleep recover an old English home that is being held for ransom.
  14. Afternoon Off - With The Fangboner
    The alien J.J. Quark returns and sends a Fangboner to attack Danger Mouse.
  15. Beware Of Mexicans Delivering Milk
    Penfold must defeat El Loco after El Loco drugs Danger Mouse's milk.
  16. Cat-Astrophe
    Greenback creates a mechanical cat that kidnaps Colonel K.
  17. The Good, The Bad And The Motionless
    Danger Mouse's evil side battles his good side to determine the course his life will take.
  18. Statues
    Greenback devises a ray that animates London's statues and causes them to wreak havoc.
  19. The Clock Strikes Back!
    The clock returns with Merlin's predecessor as its passenger and it's up to Danger Mouse and Penfold to stop the wizard from taking over the world.
  20. 'Ee! Tea!
    Greenback has London at a standstill after he steals all of the world's tea.
  21. Bandits, Beans And Ballyhoo!
    Unpacking from a holiday in Mexico, Penfold discovers El Loco hiding in his suitcase. El Loco gets loose and goes on a crime spree in London.
  22. Have You Fled Any Good Books Lately?
    Penfold's gift from J.J. Quark sets monsters after Danger Mouse and Penfold.
  23. Tut, Tut, It's Not Pharaoh
    Greenback sets out to steal an ancient Egyptian amulet which Danger Mouse and Penfold have been sent to find.
  24. Lost, Found And Spellbound
    Danger Mouse battles a witch doctor when he and Penfold go to rescue Professor Squakencluck whose plane crashed in the China sea.
  25. Penfold, B.F.
    Penfold swallows Professor Squakencluck's new pill and is turned into a super hero which causes Danger Mouse more problems than usual as he searches for a lost messenger pigeon.
  26. Mechanized Mayhem
    Under orders from a super computer, all the world's machines mutiny and refuse to do their jobs.
  27. Journey To The Earth's... 'Cor
    Penfold and Danger Mouse journey to the center of the Earth to stop a loud noise that originates there.

Series 7

  1. Danger Mouse On The Orient Express
    Danger Mouse and Penfold travel on the Orient Express with a document they obtained from Greenback.
  2. The Ultra Secret Secret
    Greenback offers to team up with Danger Mouse in order to thwart an alien invasion.
  3. Duckula Meets Frankenstoat
    Count Duckula teams up with Dr Frankenstoat to take over the world with an army of robot vampoids.
  4. Where There's A Well There's A Way
    Danger Mouse is sent to find Merlin's magic ink well which will grant the finder a wish.
  5. All Fall Down
    Danger Mouse must recover plans to a top secret device capable of shattering the world.
  6. Turn Of The Tide
    Danger Mouse travels to the moon and discovers it has been turned into a scrap yard, which has caused the tide to change and flood the Earth.

Series 8

  1. Gremlin Alert
    Danger Mouse and Penfold set out to stop the illogic Gremlin from turning Earth's sunlight into darkness.
  2. Cor! What A Picture
    Penfold tries to kill Danger Mouse after Greenback steals a picture of Penfold for use in a mind control machine.

Series 9

  1. I Spy With My Little Eye
    Danger Mouse and Penfold are sent to the Arctic when Greenback threatens to melt the polar ice with sun lamps.
  2. Bigfoot Falls
    Danger Mouse and Penfold are sent to track down a huge hairy monster that has been crushing the local villages. When they find it they discover he's actually friendly, but suffers from extreme bouts of sore-feet. They get help from the RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Podiatrists.
  3. The Statue Of Liberty Caper
    Danger Mouse is sent to stop Greenback who is behind the theft of America's greatest buildings.
  4. Penfold Transformed
    Professor Crumhorn creates a robot duplicate of Penfold (which is far more efficient than the original). At the push of a button it transforms into a giant machine intent on destroying Danger Mouse.
  5. A Dune With A View
    The Mark III runs out of gas, leaving DM and Penfold stranded in the Sahara Desert.
  6. Dan Coyote And Sancho Penfold
    While on holiday in Spain, Penfold is kidnapped by a mad Coyote who thinks he is Don Quixote. They go tilting at a windmill that happens to contain Baron Greenback's latest device for world domination.

Series 10

  1. Crumhorn Strikes Back!
    Professor Crumhorn returns and uses his transformation pills to turn himself into a little girl in an attempt to get Danger Mouse to break into Fort Knox.
  2. Ants, Trees And ... Whoops-A-Daisy
    Just when Penfold should be meeting his Aunt and the airport, he and Danger Mouse are sent to the Amazon jungle where a tribe have been sacrificing people to The Great Ant God from Ataxia. Penfold is captured, and things look grim, but then Penfold's Aunt arrives from a taxi and tells them all to stop playing silly games.
  3. There's A Penfold In My Suit
    Penfold puts on Danger Mouse's suit and can't get out. From then on everyone thinks he is Danger Mouse. Later, DM and Penfold go to Bratislavakia to find out why all the countries of Central Europe have swapped places. There they fall fowl of a mystical stone that causes people to swap bodies.
  4. Rhyme And Punishment
    Dr Crumhorn "K-zonks" DM and Penfold into a hallucinatory world in an attempt to drive them crazy.
  5. Pillow Fright!
    Greenback attempts to take over England with his latest invention...an army of remote control, allergy causing pillows.
  6. Heavy Duty
    Crumhorn invents a chemical that allows him to create land sharks to terrorize London. Things get even more complicated when Penfold gets into the formula.
  7. The Intergalactic 147
    A giant spaceship is spotted heading for Earth. It's is part of the "Intergalactic 147" snooker game and it wants to put the Earth into a black hole.