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  • Cosgrove Hall Films
    The official CH site is very bright, and quick loading with bites of info on the entire Cosgrove Hall CV, plus regular bulletins of company news and much more besides....

  • The Official Mike Harding Web Site

  • DangerMouse - He's The Quickest - He's The Best!! - You Visited On ...
    What Is Dangermouse? ...

  • clubdm - The unofficial Danger Mouse fan club
    Danger Mouse - The Unofficial DangerMouse Fan Club, with movies sounds pictures and a forum. The unofficial danger mouse fan club ...

  • Don Markstein's Toonopedia: Danger Mouse
    DANGER MOUSE. Medium: TV animation Produced by: Cosgrove-Hall Productions First Appeared: 1981 Danger Mouse is to James Bond as Mighty Mouse is to Superman. ...

  • Danger Mouse
    80s Children Dot Com, Danger Mouse was the best cartoon ever to come out of Britain. ... Listen to the introduction from the Danger Mouse TV show. Good Guys. ...

  • Danger Mouse Forever
    The Danger Mouse Page. Top Secret Files... ... Text & illustrations Copyright 1982 Purnell Publishers Limited. Subscribe to the Danger Mouse Mailing List. ...

  • Danger Mouse!
    Danger Mouse is an originally British cartoon that aired in the 1980s on Nickelodeon. It was about a secret agent mouse, his goofy ...

  • Danger Mouse
    Danger Mouse. (Animation). Roll the Credits... Voices Danger Mouse, .... David Jason, Penfold, .... Terry Scott, Written by Brian Trueman, Music by Mike Harding, ...

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