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Space: 1999


  • The series was created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, who also made "Supercar", "Fireball XL5", "Stingray", "Thunderbirds", "Captain Scarlet", "Joe 90", "UFO", "The Protectors", "Terrahawks", and "Space Precinct 2040".

  • Originally conceived as a new season of "U.F.O." (1970) . The plot would have had the aliens from that series trying to destroy SHADO's moonbase by knocking the moon out of orbit.

  • Production of the series began in 1973, but the first episode wasn't broadcast until 1975.

  • The series was British-made.

  • At the time, this was the most expensive series ever produced for British TV or for syndication.

  • The first-season budget was an astounding 3.25 million pounds.

  • Nuclear explosions on the dark side of the moon propelled it out of Earths orbit and flying through space, seen in the opening episode "Breakaway".

  • Moonbase Alpha contained 311 crew members.

  • In one episode, the crew encounters a probe that was intended to explore Jupiter. The probe was christened Voyager, which, subsequently, was the name given to a pair of probes launched from Earth in the late 1970s and did examine Jupiter as part of their missions.

  • Barry Morse decided to leave after the first season had ended and the explanation given for his character's (Professor Bergman) absence was that he died after his artificial heart failed.

  • All of the Italian male guest stars of the first season were dubbed by Robert Rietty

  • Season two of the series differs noticeably from the first, due to a large number of cast changes as well as set redecoration, redesigned uniforms, and a move towards more action-oriented stories.

  • Catherine Schell made a guest appearance in the episode "Guardian of Piri" before taking on the role of Maya in the second season.

  • Teresa Graves was Fred Freiberger's first choice for the role of Maya. Gerry Anderson, said his first choice was Catherine Schell.

  • Maya's makeup undergoes a subtle change as Season 2 goes on. Initially, she has brown ears as large "sideburns." In later episodes, her ears are normal colored, and her sideburns are thinned out.

  • In Britain, the second season was broadcast over the course of two years, with part shown in the autumn/winter of 1976-77, then a season break until August 1977, with new episodes running into the fall. The final two episodes were broadcast months apart in 1978.

  • A third season of 13 episodes was planned, with production set to start in the autumn of 1977, however low sales of the series in America forced a last-minute cancellation.

  • The show was criticised for its scientific errors by many, including Isaac Asimov.

  • Oscar winner Martin Landau (John Koenig) also stared in "Ed Wood", "Sleepy Hollow", "Crimes & Misdemeanours", "North By Northwest", and "Mission: Impossible" as Rollin Hand.

  • Barbara Bain (Dr Helen Russell) previously starred in "Mission: Impossible" as Cinnamon Carter, with Martin Landau.