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Episode Guide

Series 1

  1. Breakaway
    September 9th, 1999: Commander John Koenig arrives at Moonbase Alpha to supervise a manned probe mission to the newly discovered planet Meta. Nine astronauts have been killed by a mysterious illness and Dr. Helena Russell is convinced that radiation is the cause. An investigation of the Moon's nuclear waste disposal areas reveals no sign of radiation leakage but intense heat is registered and Professor Victor Bergman suggests that increased magnetic output is the real threat. One of the nuclear waste areas explodes and the only way to avert a major disaster is to disperse the remaining nuclear waste canisters, but a sudden increase in magnetic radiation sets off a chain reaction which alters the Moon's gravitational field and throws the satellite out of Earth orbit.
  2. Matter of Life and Death
    An Eagle returns from a reconnaissance flight to the planet Terra Nova with the pilots catatonic and an extra man on board. Helena identifies him as her husband, Lee Russell, the pilot of Astro 7 lost in the vicinity of Jupiter in 1994. However, examination of Russell shows peculiarities in his life signs and Professor Bergman determines that he is gradually turning into anti-matter! In obvious distress, Russell warns the Alphans to stay away from the planet, but is unable to explain why. Inexplicably, the man dies and his body disappears. Disregarding Russell's warnings, Koenig and Helena lead a landing party to Terra Nova where they find a paradise environment, perfect for the Alphans. But disaster strikes when the planet apparently turns against them...
  3. Black Sun
    The Moon is drawn inexorably towards a black sun, an area of intense gravitational pull that is the remains of a collapsed stellar mass. A reconnaissance Eagle is torn apart by the phenomenon and Koenig estimates that the Alphans have only three days before they suffer the same fate! Bergman designs a force shield which offers a slim chance for those on the base but Koenig also elects to launch a survival Eagle with a crew of six, in the hope that they might escape the pull of the sun and find a planet to live on. As the Moon plunges into the sun, Koenig and Bergman become discorporeal and meet an omnipotent being who reveals the secrets of the universe...
  4. Ring Around the Moon
    Maintenance engineer Ted Clifford is struck by an energy beam which transforms his brain into a computer relay station for an alien probe which captures the Moon within an energy ring. When Clifford's mind burns out, the probe seeks a new relay and a medical mission on the lunar surface provides it with the opportunity to capture Dr. Helena Russell. She later returns to Alpha, apparantly unharmed, but is revealed to be relaying information from the Alpha computer through an energy implant in her brain. In an attempt to free Helena from the probe's control before she suffers the same fate as Clifford, Koenig and Carter board the probe and discover that the computerised device is on a pre-programmed mission to destroy the human race!
  5. Earthbound
    A Kaldorian spaceship en route to Earth crashes on the Moon and the Alphans find a crew of six on board in suspended animation. Their attempt to revive the crew accidentally kills one, but the surviving Kaldorians are understanding and a peaceful cultural exchange takes place. Koenig proposes that one Alphan could accompany the Kaldorians to Earth in the now vacant casket, and Captain Zantor agrees to the plan, stipulating that the chosen Alphan will have to be tested for compatibility with the Kaldorian suspended animation technology. The computer is set the task of choosing the one person who will return home, but Simmonds takes matters into his own hands, breaking into the power station and threatening to destroy Alpha unless he becomes the Kaldorians' passenger.
  6. Another Time, Another Place
    The Moon passes through a rift in space and Regina Kesslann is badly effected by the experience. She develops the symptoms of sunburn and suffers an emotional breakdown when she discovers that John Koenig and Alan Carter are still alive - particularly Carter, to whom she believes she is married. Incredibly, the Moon returns to Earth, but an identical Moon is already in the planet's orbit. Regina dies suddenly and an autopsy reveals that she has two brains! Koenig and Carter visit the doppelgänger Moon where they find an abandoned Moonbase Alpha and a crashed Eagle with their own bodies at the controls. Realising that they have travelled through time and caught up with their future selves, Koenig leads a team to Earth to discover the final fate of the Alphan survivors...
  7. Missing Link
    Koenig is critically injured when his Eagle crashes on the lunar surface. Apparently in a coma and relying on life-support to sustain him, Koenig awakes to find himself transported to a city of light on the planet Zenno where Raan, an alien scientist, believes him to be the missing link of the loveless Zennite people. Initially reticent to comply with Raan's experiments, Koenig is seduced by the scientist's beautiful daughter Vana, and begins to have second thoughts of returning to Alpha, opting for a peaceful, immortal existence on Zenno, free at last of the constant fight for survival. Back on Alpha, however, Koenig's body is dying and the command structure is breaking down - without Koenig to lead the Alphans, the base is falling apart!
  8. Guardian of Piri
    The Alpha Main Computer falls under the control of the Guardian of Piri and reports that Piri is the perfect world that the Alphans have been looking for. When an Eagle crew go missing on the planet, Koenig leads a search party and discovers that Piri is completely lifeless. Locating the missing men, he finds them unwilling to leave, and back on Alpha he is betrayed by his colleagues who have succumbed to the Guardian's influence and set about the complete evacuation of the base. Taunted by the Guardian's beautiful servant, Koenig returns to the planet, determined to reveal the truth to his people about life on Piri...
  9. Force of Life
    A ball of blue light approaches Alpha and while the personnel are suspended in time, the light invades the body of technician Anton Zoref. Everything apparently returns to normal but massive energy losses are recorded and Koenig begins to suspect that Zoref may be the cause. Possessed with a consuming need for heat, Zoref draws it from any source, human or otherwise, as he rampages through the base leaving a trail of dead bodies and useless equipment in his wake. Koenig orders power supplies to be cut in an attempt to deprive Zoref of light and warmth, but Zoref heads for the nuclear generating area...
  10. Alpha Child
    The first child born on the Moon inexplicably grows to the size of a five year old within a matter of hours and Koenig believes that the child's unnatural development is linked to the death of his father, a technician in the nuclear generating plant. Then four spaceships appear over Alpha, menacing the base and resisting all attempts to repel them. Jackie suddenly grows into a mature adult, revealing himself to be Jarak, one of 120 alien travellers who seek physical forms in which to conceal their identities and escape the rigorously imposed genetic conformity of their home planet. He and his companions intend to inhabit the Alphans' bodies, which they can only do at the moments of birth and death...
  11. The Last Sunset
    As the Moon approaches the planet Ariel, hundreds of alien devices land on the lunar surface. Fearing an attack, the Alphans are surprised when the devices emit oxygen and turn the Moon into an atmosphere-rich world with blue skies and a warm sun. The Alphans enjoy their new-found freedom on the lunar surface and Helena leads a reconnaissance team to scout for a new settlement on higher ground, but their Eagle is caught in a violent storm and crashes, stranding them miles from Alpha. As search parties attempt to locate the missing Eagle, Koenig and Bergman realise that the Moon is not going into orbit around Ariel - without sunlight, the atmosphere will shrink into an icecap and Alpha will be crushed!
  12. Voyager's Return
    Alpha encounters Voyager One, an Earth probe ship launched in 1985. Due to a tragic miscalculation in the design of the ship's Queller Drive engine, Voyager has spent the last fifteen years polluting space with toxic fast neutrons which will destroy Alpha unless the Drive can be shut down! Koenig turns to Dr. Ernst Linden to come up with a scheme to override the probe's security codes and deactivate the Queller Drive, and Linden confesses that he is the only man capable of doing so, for he is really Ernst Queller, designer of the fatal drive unit. Linden successfully shuts down the probe's engine but then a greater menace appears in the form of three Sidon spacecraft, seeking revenge for the destruction that Voyager One has wrought upon their worlds.
  13. Collision Course
    Carter is caught in the explosion of an asteroid but is saved by the intervention of an aged alien woman named Arra. Koenig and Morrow rescue him but discover that the Moon is on a collision course with the planet Atheria, 34 times the size of the Moon. Bergman determines that the only way to avoid the collision is to detonate a chain of nuclear mines in space so that the resulting shockwave will alter the Moon's course. An alien ship appears between the Moon and Atheria and when Koenig investigates he meets Arra who tells him that their destinies are predetermined and her people have awaited the Moon's arrival for millenia: to bring about a great mutation in Arra's people, the Moon and Atheria must be allowed to collide!
  14. Death's Other Dominion
    After receiving an invitation to visit the frozen planet of Ultima Thule, Koenig, Helena, Bergman and Carter land on the surface and soon find themselves lost in a blizzard. Carter manages to make his way back to the Eagle while the others are rescued by the survivors of the Uranus Expeditionary Probe of 1986, believed to have been lost in a proton storm. The Alphans meet Dr. Cabot Rowland who reveals that his group have survived on Ultima Thule for 880 years and none has aged a single day! Now they are attempting to rebuild their damaged ship and Rowland fosters dreams of travelling the stars as an immortal god. He invites the Alphans to give up their lunar home and join them on Thule, but Koenig learns his terrible secret...
  15. The Full Circle
    Eagle Six returns to Alpha after a reconnaissance mission to the planet Retha, but the crew are missing and the only occupant is a dead cave man. Koenig and Helena lead a rescue team to the planet but they too go missing. Carter is attacked by primitive humans and Sandra is kidnapped and taken to the primitives' cave dwelling where the cave chief takes an interest in her. As a fight breaks out over her, Sandra realises with horror that the chief and his mate are Koenig and Helena, somehow regressed to a primitive Cro Magnon state. She smashes a rock on the chief's head and escapes into the woods, pursued by the primatives. Discovering the cave dwelling, Bergman, Kano and Carter disturb a ceremony for the injured cave chief. The cave people scatter and Carter gives chase, unaware that the primitives he intends to shoot down to rescue Sandra are his Alphan colleagues.
  16. End of Eternity
    Investigating a passing asteroid which appears to have an internal atmosphere, the Alphans blast their way into a living chamber inside. The explosion critically injures the only occupant who is returned to Alpha even though Helena feels that he cannot be saved. However, the alien makes a miraculous recovery and introduces himself as Balor, a Progron scientist who has achieved immortality. Unfortunately, Balor is also a dangerous psychopath who lives for the pleasure of inflicting fear and pain. He requests that Koenig allow him free reign to terrorise the Alphans, promising to use his powers of regeneration to keep them alive indefinately for his eternal amusement, but Koenig refuses so Balor embarks on a rampage of death and destruction...
  17. War Games
    Alpha is approached by a fleet of Mark 9 Hawk Warships and, believing them to be about to attack the base, Koenig orders the Eagles to open fire. Suddenly, the Alphans are fighting a war against alien forces that devastate the base leaving it uninhabitable. With 128 dead, Koenig's only hope for his people is to seek peaceful co-existence with the enemy, so he and Helena journey to their planet to plead their case. They meet two remote aliens who refuse their request on the grounds that the Alphans carry contaminants which would destroy a civilisation that has lasted for billions of years. Helena is held captive by the aliens while Koenig returns to Alpha to prepare for an invasion...
  18. The Last Enemy
    When the Moon falls into an orbit that places it directly between two planets on opposing sides of their sun, a huge spacecraft from the planet Betha takes up a position on the Moon and begins to launch an offensive on the other planet, Delta. The Alphans soon realise that the two planets are at war, and that their relative positions make it impossible for them to fire directly at each other, but now the Moon has provided the Bethans with the ideal gun platform. Missiles from Delta apparently destroy the Bethan craft, but an escape vehicle makes its way to Alpha and the occupant, the Bethan commander Dione, seeks asylum on the base. When a Deltan battlecruiser takes up position on the Moon to launch an offensive on Betha, Koenig desperately attempts to negotiate a cease-fire, but the cunning Dione has other plans...
  19. The Troubled Spirit
    While attempting to communicate telepathically with his plants, botanist Dan Mateo collapses and a strange force sweeps through the base. Investigating, Koenig learns that Mateo believes that man has some affinity with plants, an affinity that can be exploited by tapping into certain wave patterns in the human brain that are identical to those generated by plant life. Mateo quickly recovers, but is forbidden from conducting any further experiments by hydroponics head Dr. Warren. A heated argument ensues and later Warren is confronted by a horribly scarred ghost figure that oddly resembles Mateo. Warren is found dead shortly after and Bergman realises that Alpha is being terrorised by a psychic manifestation which seeks atonement for a death which has yet to take place!
  20. Space Brain
    Alien hieroglyphics appear on all of Alpha's screens and an Eagle sent to investigate their origin becomes covered by a white glutinous substance. Contact with the Eagle is lost, but after a small meteorite impacts on the lunar surface, analysis reveals it to be the compacted remains of the Eagle and its two pilots. Meanwhile, Carter has set out in a second Eagle in search of the first and when his co-pilot Kelly spacewalks in the vicinity of the Eagle's disappearance he too is covered by the glutinous substance. Carter recovers Kelly's body, but the pilot has become a conduit for a huge alien space brain that is attempting to communicate with the Alphans. Unable to understand its messages and with Alpha on a collision course, Koenig has no choice but to attempt to destroy the brain with nuclear explosives...
  21. The Infernal Machine
    A strange craft appears over Moonbase Alpha and a voice appeals for help and permission to land. Koenig, Helena and Bergman reluctantly accept an invitation to visit the craft, where they meet an old man who calls himself 'Companion'. Companion requests supplies for Gwent, the owner of the voice, which is revealed to be the ship itself, a cybernetic man/machine combination. Helena realises that Companion requires urgent medical attention, but Gwent refuses to allow them to return to Alpha and Companion collapses and dies. Gwent becomes enraged, blaming Companion's death on the Alphans, imprisoning them in the ship and demanding that the trio should replace the old man...
  22. Mission of the Darians
    Alpha receives an SOS from a colossal spaceship, the S.S. Daria, twenty miles long and five miles wide, and Koenig leads a rescue party of six on board. Separated into three groups, the Alphans discover a vast world of startling contrasts, the result of the explosion of the ship's nuclear reactor 900 years before. While Koenig and Bergman meet the sophisticated and intellectual original Darians whose lives have been prolonged by transplant surgery, the rest of the party encounter the savage descendants of the survivors of Level 7 whose religious beliefs reward imperfection with execution!
  23. Dragon's Domain
    Tony Cellini experiences a strange visitation and attempts to steal an Eagle. The incident encourages Helena to review Earth medical records concerning Cellini's involvement in the ill-fated Ultra Probe mission of 1996. Cellini and three science experts had been dispatched to investigate a new planet, Ultra, but Cellini was the only survivor of the mission. On his return, he related a fantastic story about a spaceship graveyard guarded by a horrific creature which killed his companions. The disbelieving authorities rejected Cellini's tale and he has lived with the nightmare for the last five years. Now, incredibly, the Moon has arrived at Cellini's spaceship graveyard and he senses the presence of the monster guardian...
  24. Testament of Arkadia
    The Moon stops dead in space and Alpha experiences an unexplained power loss which will render the base uninhabitable within days. Investigating an emanation from the lifeless world of Arkadia, the Alphans discover a cave containing human skeletons and a message written in Sanskrit 25,000 years before. Trees on the planet which are native to Earth confirm the content of the ancient writings, that life on Earth began on Arkadia, but Koenig does not believe that the planet offers a new home for the Alphans and he cancels evacuation procedures. However, Luke Ferro and Anna Davis are determined to carry out the wishes of their distant forbears and take matters into their own hands: holding Helena hostage they demand supplies and an Eagle to transport them back to Arkadia...

Series 2

  1. The Metamorph
    In search of titanium, essential to the repair of the Alpha life support system, an Eagle is dispatched to the planet Psychon where it becomes enveloped by a ball of light and dragged to the planet's surface. A Psychon named Mentor contacts the Alphans, offering to return the pilots at a rendezvous in space, but the rendezvous is a trap and Koenig is forced to land his Eagle on the planet. There, he discovers that Mentor seeks to transform his barren, volcanic world by molecular transformation, utilising a biological computer, Psyche. But Psyche is powered by the minds of intelligent beings and Mentor intends to feed the Alphans to his machine!
  2. The Exiles
    53 cylinder-shaped objects take up orbit around the Moon. One of the cylinders is recovered from space and found to contain Cantar, a young alien exiled from the planet Golos. He implores Koenig to recover the remaining cylinders - each containing one of his fellow exiles - before the gravitational pull of the Moon destroys them, so Koenig cautiously allows a second cylinder to be brought to Alpha. It contains Cantar's wife Zova and together they set about increasing the capacity of Alpha's life support to cope with the additional strain that the 53 Golosians will place upon it. However, the pair have ulterior motives and, forcing their way into the power section they generate a transporter beam and escape to Golos, taking Helena and Verdeschi with them as hostages!
  3. One Moment of Humanity
    Alpha is visited by Vegan woman Zamara who mistakes Helena and Verdeschi for lovers and demands that they return with her to the planet Vega. There, the pair are greeted with hostility, but Helena is warned by a servant, Number Eight, that if they show aggression, the Vegans will kill them. Taunted and insulted by the Vegans, Helena and Verdeschi remain calm, escaping from imprisonment to track down Number Eight. In caves beneath the city, Number Eight reveals that the Vegans are androids while he and his fellow servants are the true Vegans, hiding their faces beneath masks to conceal their emotions. The androids do not possess the necessary emotions that will enable them to kill, and intend to spur the Alphans to violence that they can emulate...
  4. All that Glisters
    Koenig leads a geological survey to a dry, waterless planet in search of milgonite, a rare mineral vital to the Alphan life support system. Geologist Dave Reilly discovers a glowing rock formation in a cave and breaks a piece off to test in the Eagle laboratory, but there is a sudden blinding flash of light and Verdeschi is apparently killed. However, he soon returns to life and under some form of hypnotic control collects a second piece of rock and returns with it to the Eagle where the two pieces fuse into one. Communications with Alpha are cut off, the Eagle is immobilised and the party discover that the rock is an intelligent life-form which desperately needs water to survive. With horror, the Alphans realise that the rock sees them as the most convenient source of water...
  5. Journey to Where
    Alpha makes contact with Space Station One in Texas City on the Earth of 2120AD. Transference technology enables the Alphans to return to Earth so Koenig, Helena and Carter make the first trip, but during their journey an earthquake hits Texas City and the trio fail to re-materialise. They find themselves in a cold, wooded area quite unlike the conditions that they have been led to expect on 22nd century Earth. Helena contracts pneumonia and they are attacked by savage warriors who take them prisoner. As Dr. Logan and his team attempt to track down the Alphans, Koenig and Carter come to the realisation that they have travelled through time and arrived in 14th century Scotland in the midst of a bitter conflict between the Highland clans and English forces!
  6. The Taybor
    Alpha is visited by Taybor, an itinerant trader from Pinvith the Lesser, who lands on the Moon in his jump-drive spaceship, the S.S. Emporium. Unfortunately, his gifts - intended to illustrate his good will - have proven to be too advanced for the Alphans, blinding a hydroponics assistant and sending a technician into a catatonic trance, but Taybor assures Helena that neither is permanently harmed. Koenig is interested in the Emporium's jump drive which could return the Alphans to Earth and Taybor is willing to trade. Koenig offers him Moonbase Alpha with fixtures and fittings intact but Taybor has designs on Maya, intending to add her to his collection of the galaxy's most beautiful objects.
  7. The Rules of Luton
    Koenig and Maya are exploring the planet Luton when they are accused of violating the laws of the sentient plantlife. The Judges of Luton decree that the Alphans must prove their innocence in trial by combat against three strange aliens, each of whom has unusual powers and abilities. Koenig is badly injured after dispatching two of their opponents and Maya turns into a bird to find water with which to clean his wound, but she is captured by the third alien who places her in a cage. Koenig is forced to face the alien in a final duel to save Maya before she loses control of her form and is crushed to death!
  8. The Mark of Archanon
    Two aliens, Pasc and Etrec, are discovered in a stasis chamber beneath the lunar surface and revived in the Medical Center. Introducing themselves as emissaries from Archanon, the planet of peace, Pasc explains that he and his son were imprisoned in the stasis chamber by their own people who had been effected by a contagion of evil while visiting Earth. Carter takes a shine to Etrec, but Helena discovers a virus in Pasc's blood cells and the same virus, yet dormant, in Etrec's. Unknown to the Alphans, this virus is a genetic sickness, handed down through generations of Archanon males, which overwhelms them with the urge to kill...
  9. Brian the Brain
    A Swift spaceship from a 1996 Earth mission lands on Alpha. The pilot is a mobile computer called Brian who endears himself to the Alphans and explains that his creator, Captain Michael, and his entire crew have died in mysterious circumstances on the nearby Planet D - he has been orbiting the planet alone ever since. Then Brian reveals his true colours, abducting Koenig and Helena and taking them to Planet D where he forces Koenig to recover nuclear fuel from the Swift's mothership while he holds Helena hostage. On board the mothership, Koenig discovers that Brian has murdered his own crew in a jealous rage...
  10. New Adam New Eve
    An omnipotent figure arrives on Alpha and introduces himself as Magus, the creator of all life on Earth. He announces that he intends to give the Alphans a chance to begin again in a New Eden and transports Koenig, Helena, Maya and Verdeschi to his planet. There, they learn that Magus expects them to be the progenitors of a new human species, but for biological reasons he pairs Helena with Verdeschi and Maya with Koenig, enforcing the pairing with positive/negative magnetic field cocoons. When the Alphans discover a cave which hides strange, mutated creatures - the results of Magus' attempts to learn the secret of creation - Magus is forced to admit that he is the last of a race of cosmic magicians, threatening to destroy the Moon if the Alphans do not co-operate with his plans!
  11. Catacombs of the Moon
    Chief engineer Patrick Osgood leads a desperate search in the catacombs beneath the Moon to find tiranium, a rare metal vital to Alpha's life support functions and the manufacture of an artificial heart that will save his wife Michelle's life. Caught in the blast of his mining explosives, Osgood has visions of Alpha being destroyed by fire and, convinced that he is Michelle's saviour, he forces Helena and Verdeschi to release her from Medical Center and drags her into the catacombs where he believes they will be safe from the coming holocaust. As Verdeschi leads a search party to rescue Michelle, it seems that Osgood's visions are coming true when Koenig discovers a massive firestorm heading straight for Alpha!
  12. The AB Chrysalis
    Koenig, Maya and Carter investigate the source of spatial explosions that threaten to destroy Alpha. Discovering a planet surrounded by a ring of moons, they land on one of the moons and encounter self-propelling Voice Probes who cryptically inform them that their Creators, the Masters, are not yet in existence. Travelling to the planet, they find more Voice Probes who explain that the Masters have a unique life-cycle: after growing old, they enter a chrysalis stage and are reborn, but while in this phase, the Masters are helpless and must be protected by a computer defence system which perceives Alpha as a threat. Only the Masters can countermand the computer's instructions but the Guardian, the last of the Masters, has already entered his chrysalis phase...
  13. Seed of Destruction
    On a jewel-like asteroid, Koenig is trapped in a hall of mirrors and replaced by an evil double who returns to Alpha with a chunk of crystal and proceeds to organise the direction of an energy beam at the asteroid, apparently to neutralise an energy screen that surrounds the Moon. Maya becomes concerned at Koenig's unscientific and illogical behaviour when he refuses to allow her to examine the crystal or investigate alternative methods of piercing the screen, and after she questions his decisions, he confines her to her quarters. Maya finds allies in Helena and Verdeschi and the trio discover that the crystal is a complex form of living matter that lies dormant, awaiting rejuvenation. Alpha's energy beam will provide the necessary infusion to awaken the Kalthon, a dormant civilisation on the asteroid, but the energy drain threatens Alpha's life support systems...
  14. The Beta Cloud
    Sent to investigate a strange cloud, Eagle Six returns to Alpha bringing with it a huge, hideous creature that rampages through the base, completely unharmed by the Alphans' weapons. With Koenig, Helena and Carter incapacitated by a mysterious illness, Verdeschi takes charge of the situation, instructing the computer to lock all doors and only to open them on his command. Assisted by Maya and Fraser, Verdeschi makes various attempts to stop the creature, but it proves to be immune to vacuum, chlorine and high voltage current. A voice emanating from the cloud announces that the creature has been sent to Alpha to take the Alphan life support core which will prevent the cloud's extinction, so Verdeschi, Maya and Fraser make their last stand outside the life support centre...
  15. Space Warp
    Maya is struck down by a mysterious illness and deliriously relives the last days of Psychon. Then the Moon falls through a space warp leaving Koenig and Verdeschi marooned on a derelict spaceship, five light years from Alpha. Transforming into a scaly space animal, Maya breaks out of Medical Center and attempts to return to Psychon. She tries to lift off in an Eagle but is unable to control it in her creature form and it crashes inside the hangar. Maya is badly injured and Helena attempts to operate on her but she suddenly breaks free of her restraints and, turning into another creature, goes on a rampage through the base...
  16. A Matter of Balance
    Vindrus, an alien from the planet Sunim, helps botanist Shermeen Williams to be selected to join Koenig's landing party. On Sunim, the team find a temple guarded by a monstrous creature and inside Vindrus explains to Shermeen that he requires her help to enable his corporeal body to cross over to this world. When the party returns to Alpha, Vindrus encourages Shermeen to steal a mobile nuclear generator so as to effect this process. He reveals that he is from a universe of anti-matter where the evolutionary process is in reverse, moving towards extinction. Vindrus and his people wish to cross into the matter universe but for every anti-matter person that crosses over, an Alphan must cross back!
  17. The Bringers of Wonder Part 1
    Koenig crashes Eagle Ten near the Nuclear Waste Domes and, dragged unconscious from the wreckage, he is hooked up to a cerebral wave machine in Medical Center. Incredibly, a Superswift arrives from Earth and the Alphans are reunited with their friends and relatives. However, two of the new arrivals exert some form of influence over a medical orderly who attempts to kill Koenig but he is rescued by Helena and Vincent. Koenig makes a complete recovery and is delighted to learn of the arrival of the Superswift, but when he joins the party in Command Center he sees the newcomers as hideous Plasma Aliens...
  18. The Bringers of Wonder Part 2
    While Koenig tries to convince Helena and Maya that he has not gone mad, Carter, Ehrlich and Bartlett apparently arrive back on Earth. In reality, however, the trio are being influenced by the Aliens to insert atomic fuel into the nuclear waste core. To find out why, Maya turns into one of the Aliens and learns that they thrive on radiation which has run out on their planet - now starving, they intend to feed on the intense radiation that will result from the detonation of the waste dumps...
  19. The Lambda Factor
    Alpha is plagued by petty disagreements and instrument malfunctions, but when medical technician Sally Martin dies in mysterious circumstances, Koenig suspects murder and questions Mark Sanders, Sally's ex-fiancé, and his new lover Carolyn Powell. However, Koenig's investigations are hampered by personal difficulties as he is troubled by the manifestations of two dead friends which appear when he tries to sleep. Helena conducts experiments into e.s.p. and discovers that latent telepathic powers are being boosted by a strange space cloud. One sensitive who exhibits particular talents in this field is Carolyn Powell, who becomes psychotic and uses her powers to take control of Command Center...
  20. The Seance Spectre
    Greg Sanderson and his surface exploration team become convinced that a strange space phenomenon contains a habitable planet, questioning Koenig's authority and accusing him of deliberately hiding the planet's existence because he fears losing his dictatorial control over Alpha. But on reconnaissance in Eagle Four, Koenig learns that the phenomenon is on a collision course with the Moon - if it does contain a planet, Alpha will be destroyed. Sanderson is confined to Medical Center but with his colleagues' help, he breaks out and the quartet engineer a malfunction in main computer, causing Koenig's Eagle to crash onto the planet...
  21. Dorzak
    A Croton spaceship arrives on Alpha and is revealed to contain the Psychon philosopher Dorzak imprisoned in stasis. His captor, Sahala, is ferrying him to exile on Thesalena, claiming that he incited the Norvahn people to violence, but Maya refuses to believe her story as she knows Dorzak as a man of peace. Sahala tells how Dorzak used his mind power on her colleagues, Clea and Yesta, leaving Clea dead and Yesta badly injured, but when Yesta recovers she is still under Dorzak's influence and accuses Sahala of Clea's murder. On this evidence, Verdeschi allows Maya to free Dorzak from stasis and the real murderer is on the loose in Alpha...
  22. Devil's Planet
    Responding to a distress signal, Koenig and Maine journey to the planet Ellna where they find that the entire population has been poisoned by a nerve-killing pathogen in the air. Detecting humanoid life-forms on Ellna's moon, Entra, they are about to land when their Eagle goes out of control and crashes. Unhurt, they go to the aid of a man being chased by a group of women armed with whips, but Maine runs into a force-field and is vaporised while Koenig is captured and taken to a vast, spartan complex. There he discovers that Entra is a penal colony for exiles run by sadistic amazon guards - and he has become their latest prisoner!
  23. The Immunity Syndrome
    While surveying an Earth-type paradise planet, Verdeschi goes mad and attacks Koenig, three members of the survey team are poisoned, Eagle controls and commlocks fall apart and the Alphans find themselves stranded. Koenig realises that everything made of metal is disintegrating, although equipment made of plastic seems to be holding up. Discovering a mysterious structure with sophisticated molecular bonding, Carter locates an entrance powered by solar cells and, gaining access, he and Koenig find a holographic message from Zoran, the last survivor of an alien survey team. Zoran tells them that the planet is inhabited by an immortal being who only wishes to communicate with others, but the being's communication methods have killed all those that it has contacted...
  24. The Dorcons
    The people of Dorca have hounded the Psychons for centuries, stealing their brain stems to achieve immortality. Now, the Dorcon leader Archon sets his sights on Maya, threatening Alpha with destruction unless Koenig gives her up. Koenig refuses and Alpha is subjected to a devastating barrage by the Dorcons, whose use of a Meson Converter to transform matter and energy makes them invincible. Transporting to Alpha, Consul Varda captures Maya and takes her back to the Dorcon ship, but Koenig leaps into the transporter beam and, arriving on the ship, is immediately thrown into a cell. However, the prospect of the Archon's immortality displeases his heir Malic who enlists Koenig's aid in his treacherous plans...