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Space: 1999


Name: Cmdr. John Koenig
Actor: Martin Landau

With an unmatched flair for leadership and the ability to assess a situation and swiftly come to a decision, Koenig tempers his natural curiosity for the unknown with a concern for the safety and security of the men and women in his care.

Name: Dr. Helena Russell
Actor: Barbara Bain

Promoted to Chief Medical Officer of Moonbase Alpha in January 1999 and, following the Moon's breakaway from Earth orbit, developed a strong attachment to John Koenig, an attachment, that in time has blossomed into a deep and lasting relationship.

Name: Prof. Victor Bergman (1)
Actor: Barry Morse

A survivor of the breakaway disaster, Bergman proved to be a vital member of the lunar community in the first year of the Moon's odyssey through deep space, a man whose ingenious solutions to many dangerous situations encountered by the Alphans saved hundreds of lives, over and over again.

Name: Maya (2)
Actor: Catherine Schell

Native of the planet Psychon, a peaceful and happy culture, with one race, one religion and one government. Left the planet with a thousand others when it began to boil. Maya has a "computer-like mind", quicker than Alpha's computer. She was taught the skill of metamorphosis by Mentor (her father), she is thus a "metamorph".

Name: Anthony "Tony" Dean Verdeschi (2)
Actor: Tony Anholt

Chief Security Officer and experienced Eagle pilot. Born in Florence Italy, Graduated BA Hons University Of Rome in 1990, Ph.D Cambridge England in 1993, and Commissioned Space Service 1994. He is practical and hard headed, sometimes sceptical and cynical.

Name: Capt. Alan Carter
Actor: Nick Tate

Chief pilot and one of Alpha's most popular and valued residents. Carter briefly shared a relationship with Sandra Benes, forming a triangle to her relationship with Paul Morrow.

Name: Controller Paul Morrow (1)
Actor: Prentis Hancock

He was assigned to Moonbase Alpha as Main Mission controller in November 1998 and quickly proved his worth as Commander Gorski's right hand man. With his responsibility for the smooth running of Alpha, Morrow found little time for activities outside the scope of his work, although he played the guitar and, after the breakaway disaster, was involved in an intimate relationship with Sandra Benes.

Name: Sandra Benes
Actor: Zienia Merton

Sandra's father was electronics expert Professor Lawrence Benes, designer of the Interstellar Transmitter, a powerful broadcasting device vital to deep space communications. With her unparalleled understanding of her father's creation. Sandra was a natural choice for the Data Section on Moonrise Alpha. She was assigned there as Data Section coordinator on 4th March 1999.

Name: David Kano (1)
Actor: Clifton Jones

Pomoted to head of the technical department for the start of his tenth tour of duty on 1st May 1999. Kana shared an unusual apport with the Moonrise master computer, often treating it with more respect, concern and empathy than his human colleagues did.

Name: Bill Fraser (2)
Actor: John Hug

Eagle pilot. Married to Annette.

Name: Dr. Bob Mathias (1)
Actor: Anton Phillips

Deputy to Helena Russell.

Name: Tanya Alexandria (1)
Actor: Suzanne Roquette

Main Mission operative.

Name: Yasko Nugami (2)
Actor: Yasuko Nagazumi

Data analyst.

Name: Kate Andrews
Actor: Sarah Bullen

Main Mission operative.

Name: Moonbase Alpha Computer (1)
Voice: Barbara Kelly

Name: Dr. Ben Vincent (2)
Actor: Jeffrey Kissoon

Deputy to Helena Russell, filling Bob Mathias's post after his disappearance.

Name: Alibe Kurand (2)
Actor: Alibe Parsons

Communications Officer.

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