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Episode Guide

Series 1

  1. Premiere
    A wormhole sends astronaut John Crichton to a distant part of the universe, where he finds himself aboard a living ship full of escaped prisoners. Captain Bialar Crais swears vengeance on Crichton when an accident leads to the death of his brother.
  2. I, E.T.
    Crichton finds himself on a world that has never encountered alien life before, and must enlist the help of a local scientist and her son to save Moya.
  3. Exodus From Genesis
    Alien life forms board Moya, and begin replicating the crew. Their problems escalate when a Peacekeeper squadron boards the ship.
  4. Throne For A Loss
    Rygel is kidnapped by well-armed soldiers, who hold him for ransom. The crew must rescue him -- and Moya -- but soon succomb to the drug-induced effects of the Tavlek's weaponry.
  5. Back And Back And Back To The Future
    Crichton jumps back in time over and over again, and discovers that a scientist who has come on board is hiding a dangerous secret.
  6. Thank God It's Friday, Again
    D'Argo goes into Luxan hyper-rage, and the crew follows him to a worker planet. All is not as it seems, and John must avoid the natives' mind control to reveal a Peacekeeper plot.
  7. PK Tech Girl
    Moya and her crew discover an abandoned Peacekeeper cruiser, with a sole technician on board. Aeryn and Crichton must defend the ship from a Shiang attack, while Rygel confronts a ghost from his past.
  8. That Old Black Magic
    An evil wizard pits Crichton against Crais in a challenge to the death, and Zhaan embraces her submerged dark side to save her friends.
  9. DNA Mad Scientist
    A geneticist offers the crew maps back to their own worlds -- but with a high price. Meanwhile, Aeryn Sun begins a bizarre metamorphosis.
  10. They've Got A Secret
    Removing a Peacekeeper shield from Moya's internal systems blows D'Argo into space, and causes him to hallucinate about his past. Pilot also falls victim to mysterious changes in Moya.
  11. Til The Blood Runs Clear
    D'Argo is captured and tortured by bounty hunters. Crichton and Aeryn must impersonate fellow bounty hunters in order to save him.
  12. Rhapsody In Blue
    Moya finds a Delvian colony, where the inhabitants' lack of discipline are leading them to embrace their dark impulses. The crew struggle with hallucinations of people from their past, while Zhaan is betrayed by her people.
  13. The Flax
    John and Aeryn are trapped in an energy net, and D'Argo must join forces with an irreputable pilot to rescue them.
  14. Jeremiah Crichton
    Believing Moya has abandoned him, Crichton finds himself stranded on an alien world, and catches the eye of the daughter of the local ruler. When the crew finds him, Rygel is mistaken for the people's legendary savior.
  15. Durka Returns
    The Nebari bring aboard a familiar face -- Captain Durka, Rygel's former captor and tormentor -- along with a theif named Chiana. Durka has been brain wiped and reformed, but his Nebari guide turns up dead.
  16. A Human Reaction
    Crichton finds a wormhole that returns him to Earth. When his alien friends are forced to follow, John must watch as the government imprisons and studies them.
  17. Through The Looking Glass
    A failed starburst attempt fragments Moya into different dimensions, and traps her. Crichton must travel between each dimension and find a way to free the ship.
  18. A Bug's Life
    Crichton impersonates a Peacekeeper captain when a PK commando unit boards the ship. But when their secret cargo escapes, no one on board is safe.
  19. Nerve
    Crichton and Chiana infiltrate a Peacekeeper base to save Aeryn's life. When the base commander catches him and signals Captain Crais, Crichton learns that his brain contains the very thing for which he's been searching.
  20. The Hidden Memory
    Scorpius attempts to extract the wormhole technology from Crichton's brain, while Aeryn mounts a rescue operation. Captain Crais finds himself at Scorpius' mercy, and Moya gives birth.
  21. Bone To Be Wild
    Hiding from Scorpius, the crew finds a world with a dangerous young woman and a scientist who isn't telling the whole truth.
  22. Family Ties
    Crichton and D'Argo embark on a suicide mission to destroy Scorpius' Gammack Base and allow Moya to escape. Scorpius forces Crais to make a bold move against the Peacekeepers.

Series 2

  1. Mind The Baby
    Officer Sun makes an unlikely alliance to save John and D'Argo, while Scorpius continues his pursuit. Moya goes in search of her newborn, a warship now under the control of Captain Crais.
  2. Vitas Mortis
    D'Argo encounters a Luxan priestess who is nearing death, until she discovers a way to reverse her aging.
  3. Taking The Stone
    Chiana joins a group of reckless thrillseekers when she learns that her brother has died.
  4. Crackers Don't Matter
    An alien scientist uses Moya for his own scheme, while the starved crew become overly suspicious of one another.
  5. The Way We Weren't
    Pilot and Aeryn must relive their dark pasts when it comes to light that the former Peacekeeper officer helped to execute Moya's first pilot.
  6. Picture If You Will
    Maldus returns to torment the crew, convincing them that their friends have perished. One by one, the evil sorcerer drags them into his realm.
  7. Home On The Remains
    When Zhaan's health fails due to malnutrition, the crew looks for help at a mining colony. Aeryn and Pilot work to save Moya from Zhaan's spores.
  8. Dream A Little Dream
    Zhaan is framed and put on trial for murder, and Chiana and Rygel must defend her. Desperate to find Talyn, Moya wishes to leave them on the planet and continue her search.
  9. Out Of Their Minds
    An accident causes the crew to switch bodies with each other, while Zhaan tries to keep an alien ship from firing on Moya.
  10. My Three Crichtons
    An alien object clones Crichton, creating a highly advanced version and an unevolved beast version. One must sacrifice himself to save the ship.
  11. Look At The Princess, Part 1: A Kiss Is But A Kiss
    Crichton is manipulated into asking an alien princess to marry him, in order to avoid Scorpius' clutches.
  12. Look At The Princess, Part 2: I Do, I Think
    Crichton goes to great lengths to avoid getting killed, but finally consents to marry Princess Katralla and be turned into a living statue for 80 cycles.
  13. Look At The Princess, Part 3: The Maltese Crichton
    Prince Clavor and his Scaran associate move against Crichton, beheading his statue. The crew must save John and Chiana while escaping Scorpius.
  14. Beware Of Dog
    Chiana brings aboard a parasite-eating Vorc when the crew suspects that their food has become contaminated. Crichton struggles with hallucinations as they search for the creature.
  15. Won't Get Fooled Again
    Crichton wakes up and finds himself back on Earth -- or so someone would have him believe. He refuses to fall for the ploy, especially when his alien friends begin showing up.
  16. The Locket
    A temporal distortion traps Aeryn and John on a planet's surface, where they live out the rest of their lives -- while Moya remains trapped in orbit, experiencing only hours. Stark returns to the ship with news of D'Argo's son.
  17. The Ugly Truth
    When Talyn destroys a Plokavian ship, Moya's crew is put on trial for murder. Each one recalls the events from their own unique point of view.
  18. A Clockwork Nebari
    The Nebari come looking for Chiana, and mind-cleanse her friends on Moya. Chiana makes a startling discovery about her brother, and about her people.
  19. Liars, Guns And Money, Part 1: A Not So Simple Plan
    Stark returns with a plan to save D'Argo's son: rob a high security bank and use the money to purchase Jothee's lot of slaves.
  20. Liars, Guns And Money, Part 2: With Friends Like These
    Crichton and company raise a team of mercenaries to help them rob the shadow depository, while Scorpius closes in on his prey. Zhaan makes a desperate move to save Moya from an infestation.
  21. Liars, Guns And Money, Part 3: Plan B
    Crichton gives himself up to Scorpius so that his brain implant can be removed, and the crew launch a final assault on the shadow depository to rescue him.
  22. Die Me, Dichotomy
    When Crichton goes to a medical expert to have Scorpius' brain implant removed, it takes over his body, and the crew suffers a tragic loss.


  1. Farscape Undressed
    A one hour documentary / primer aired to prepare new viewers of the Sci-Fi Channel's Farscape for the third season. It includes clips from the first two seasons and explanations on each of the main characters.

Series 3

  1. Season Of Death
    D'Argo and Stark try to heal John, left with his head open on an operating table, while Scorpius attempts to avoid discovery. Zhaan makes a great personal sacrifice, while Jothee and Chiana commit an indiscretion.
  2. Suns And Lovers
    A storm traps Moya in the docking clamps of a commerce station, and D'Argo -- reeling from betrayal -- risks his life to free her.
  3. Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 1: Could'a, Would'a, Should'a
    A wormhole accident fuses Moya with an alien ship, threatening her life. The crew must decide whether or not to abandon the ship in order to survive.
  4. Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 2: Wait For The Wheel
    Moya's crew must escape the aliens and the deady wormhole when they discover that the ship's dire situation was caused by sabotage. One of the crew makes a sacrifice to save the rest.
  5. ...Different Destinations
    A tear in the fabric of time sends Crichton and his friends into the past, where they inadvertantly alter an important moment in Peacekeeper history.
  6. Eat Me
    D'Argo, John, Chiana and Jool are forced to land on an abandoned Leviathan, and are preyed upon by a brain-sucking psychopath who has taken over the ship and turned its crew into flesh-eating zombies. Moya finds Talyn adrift, with Crais unconscious on board.
  7. Thanks For Sharing
    The crew must travel to a planet to obtain medicine for Talyn, and learn that a Peacekeeper Retrieval Squad is hunting him. Aeryn learns the truth about her past.
  8. Green Eyed Monster
    A giant Budong swallows Talyn, and tempers flare between Crichton, Crais and Aeryn as they attempt to find a means of escape. Aeryn makes a decision that could change her life forever.
  9. Losing Time
    The crew must discover which of them has been possessed by a parasitic Energy Rider, before the being that has come to find it kills them all. Meanwhile, Scorpius finds a deadly problem with his wormhole research.
  10. Relativity
    Aeryn must face her mother when the Peacekeeper Retrieval Squad catches up with them. Crichton discovers that Talyn isn't the only one the Peacekeepers are after.
  11. Incubator
    When Scorpius runs into trouble decoding the wormhole technology taken from Crichton's brain, he appeals to John for an alliance -- offering to reveal his own shrouded past.
  12. Meltdown
    Crichton, Aeryn and Crais struggle to override Talyn when the ship suddenly begins flying into a star.
  13. Scratch & Sniff
    When Moya's crew visits a pleasure planet for shore leave, Crichton and D'Argo are taken advantage of -- and learn that Jool and Chiana have been captured to have their essence harvested.
  14. Infinite Possibilities, Part 1: Daedalus Demands
    Crichton is reunited with the Ancients when an old acquaintance unlocks the secret of wormhole technology -- threatening the entire galaxy should the Scarrans acquire it. Talyn and Crais are blinded by a solar flare, while John attempts to force Scorpius' neural clone from his mind.
  15. Infinite Possibilities, Part 2: Icarus Abides
    Crichton and Aeryn race to construct a powerful weapon to fight an approaching Scarran Dreadnaught, poised to claim powerful wormhole technology that could help them conquer the galaxy. Crais and Stark deal with a Scarran who boards Talyn and tries to take command.
  16. Revenging Angel
    An accident puts Crichton in a coma, where he uses his imagination to fight for his life. D'Argo tries to stop an alien ship from self-destructing, and taking Moya with it.
  17. The Choice
    Aeryn tries to contact her deceased father on a planet fraught with mystics and frauds, but encounters an all-too familiar face. Crais is forced to make a shocking confession.
  18. Fractures
    Moya's crew is reunited, and encounters another group of escaped Peacekeeper prisoners -- a Nebari, a Scarran and a female Hynerian.
  19. I-Yensch, You-Yensch
    Rygel and D'Argo negotiate with Scorpius on Crichton's behalf. Talyn's hostile actions lead the crew to a difficult decision about his future.
  20. Into The Lion's Den, Part 1: Lambs To The Slaughter
    Crichton and the crew board Scorpius' command carrier, launching a secret plot to sabotage his wormhole research. But a Peacekeeper commandant works to destroy their alliance and sign a peace treaty with the Scarrans.
  21. Into The Lion's Den, Part 2: Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
    Crichton is forced to go to extreme measures to destroy the Peacekeepers' wormhole research, and is betrayed to Scorpius. Two comrads must make the ultimate sacrifice.
  22. Dog With Two Bones
    The crew encounters a hostile Leviathan while trying to lay their friend to rest. Crichton and Aeryn must decide the fate of their love as the rest of the crew prepares to go their separate ways.

Series 4

  1. Crichton Kicks
    Crichton is reunited with Chiana and Rygel in an attempt to save a dying Leviathan from a group of mercenaries, who storm his new home in an attempt to harvest the living ship's flesh.
  2. What Was Lost, Part 1: Sacrifice
    More of Moya's crew is reunited on a planet where Interion scientists are conducting an archeological dig. But their happy reunion is threatened when Commandant Grayza arrives and puts Crichton under a sensual spell.
  3. What Was Lost, Part 2: Resurrection
    The crew must stop the Peacekeepers from uncovering an alien weapon of mass destruction, while Crichton fights against Grayza's intoxicating allure.
  4. Lava's A Many Splendored Thing
    The crew searches for Moya, but an emergency landing strands them on a desolate planet, where a group of mercenaries capture Rygel inside a lava-filled cavern.
  5. Promises
    The crew returns to Moya, where they find that Aeryn has returned -- struck with heat delirium. And when a massive alien vessel comes looking for her, Crichton and the others must outwit their opponent to save her life.
  6. Natural Election
    Moya is attacked by a large, space-faring organism that attaches to the hull and penetrates her systems.
  7. John Quixote
    John and Chiana are trapped in a virtual reality simulation, and must win a game controlled by an unstable Stark -- while Moya may be in danger of attack from within.
  8. I Shrink Therefore I Am
    A gang of ruthless bounty hunters seize control of Moya in order to capture Crichton, and shrink the crew to keep them prisoner.
  9. A Prefect Murder
    The crew seeks assistance on a world ruled by warring clans working toward a tenuous peace, but Aeryn is accused of assassinating their next leader.
  10. Coup By Clam
    An alien doctor blackmails Moya's crew by poisoning them with deadly mollusks.
  11. Unrealized Reality
    Crichton falls into a wormhole and is found by an interdimensional being, who must decide whether or not to execute him because of the threat that his knowledge of wormholes presents to the universe.
  12. Kansas
    Crichton returns to Earth, only to discover that he is more than 15 years in the past -- and his father has accepted command of the doomed Challenger mission.
  13. Terra Firma
    Crichton makes his grand return home, where he and his alien friends introduce Earth to the larger universe that awaits them. Meanwhile, Grayza dispatches an alien chameleon to hunt Crichton.
  14. Twice Shy
    Chiana purchases a slave girl from a passing trading ship, but the crew quickly learns that Talikaa may not be as innocent as she seemed.
  15. Mental As Anything
    Scorpius takes Crichton, D'Argo and Rygel to a rigorous training camp for mental discipline -- only to discover that Macton, the Peacekeeper who murdered D'Argo's wife, is also there.
  16. Bringing Home The Beacon
    The women of Moya visit a space station to secure a camoflage device for Moya, and stumble upon a secret meeting between Commandant Grayza and the Scarrans.
  17. A Constellation Of Doubt
    While the crew searches futilly for Aeryn, Crichton watches a television show from Earth documenting the alien crew's recent visit -- and the human reaction to them.
  18. Prayer
    Aeryn is interrogated by the Scarrans en route to the secret base at Katratzi. Crichton and Scorpius make a dangerous trip into an alternate reality to try and discover Katratzi's location.
  19. We're So Screwed, Part 1: Fetal Attraction
    Moya docks at a Scarran border station while in search of Aeryn, and must launch a daring rescue plan when they discover that her captors are there as well.
  20. We're So Screwed, Part 2: Hot To Katratzi
    Crichton and his friends throw themselves into the middle of a summit between the Scarrans and Peacekeepers, in order to rescue Scorpius -- who is being tortured by Stark for the wormhole knowledge he might possess.
  21. We're So Screwed, Part 3: La Bomba
    Uncertain of who their true allies are, the crew agrees to Scorpius' plan to destroy the source of Scarran power and escape the base with their lives. Grayza makes a fateful decision about her negotiations with the Scarrans.
  22. Bad Timing
    When Moya's crew learns that the Scarrans have dispatched a ship to Earth as a prelude to invasion, Crichton must rely on Pilot to help him seal the wormhole that leads home.