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Name: Commander Jonathan "John" Robert Crichton, Jr.
Actor: Ben Browder

Human. An unlikely hero, who often gets it wrong. Grown from an accidental passenger, to an integral part of the crew. Obsessed by Wormhole technology - the only way back home to Earth.

Name: Officer Aeryn Sun
Actor: Claudia Black

Subation. She's an accidental traitor to her Peacekeeper past, but the Peacekeepers want her dead.

Name: General Ka D'Argo
Actor: Anthony Simcoe

Luxon. Hairy hero or Luxan liar? He's both and more, and still no-one wants to marry him.

Name: Rygel XVI
Voice: Jonathan Hardy
Operator: John Eccleston, Dave Collins, Sean Masterson, Graeme Haddon and Tim Mieville

Hynerian. Foul-breathing, helium-farting and frankly randy short alien is the one who engineered the escape of himself and all of Moya's prisoners.

Name: Pilot
Voice: Lani John Tupu
Operator: John Eccleston, Dave Collins, Sean Masterson, Graeme Haddon and Tim Mieville

Once an entirely separate being, Pilot now grows out of the floor of the living ship Moya and is tightly bound into her, mentally as well as physically.

Name: Chiana
Actor: Gigi Edgley

Nebari. Chiana is sweet, loving, sensuous and if you believe that, she's just taken your wallet.

Name: Stark
Actor: Paul Goddard

He may not be the most stable member of the crew, but he does have a good heart. Possesses the power to ease the suffering of the dying, and help them pass over painlessly.

Name: Joolushko "Jool" Tunai Fenta Hovalis
Actor: Tammy MacIntosh

A foxy lady whose scream can melt metal, she's even less at home on Moya than the others.

Name: Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
Actor: Virginia Hey

Plant and priestess, retaining her meditative state was a struggle she finally won.

Name: Captain Bialar Crais
Actor: Lani John Tupu

He wants revenge against Crichton for the death of his brother, and death to Aeryn.

Name: Scorpius / Harvey
Actor: Wayne Pygram

He's a cunning opponent and he's after Wormhole technology, from Crichton.

Name: Peacekeepers

Violent, mercenary and warrior-like the Peacekeepers totally control and dominate their species and sector of the galaxy. Gigantic warships, unbeatable weaponry, thoroughly bad people.

Name: Durka
Actor: David Wheeler

He's out there, he's cruel but not always.

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