The Banana Splits
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The Banana Splits


Name: Fleegle
Actor: Jeffrey Brock
Voice: Paul Winchell

A beagle. Plays a guitar, and the leader of the group. Fleegle opens and closes the show, poses banana related riddles to Bingo, and reports the latest wacky news.

Name: Bingo
Actor: Terence Henry
Voice: Daws Butler

A gorilla. Plays the drums. He can always figure out Fleegle's banana related riddles.

Name: Drooper
Actor: Dan Owen
Voice: Allan Melvin

A lion. Plays a guitar. The fall-guy of the group, as he is forced to face up to the Sour Grapes Gang, and take out the trash. He offers sound advice to viewers in his Dear Drooper segment.

Name: Snorky
Actor: Jay Larrimore
Voice: Don Messick

An elephant. Plays the keyboards. Snorky does not speak, he instead 'hoots'. His personal buggy is covered in pink spots.

Name: Cuckoo

A blue feathery bird in the cuckoo clock, which announces some of the series segments.

Name: Head (on wall)

A cheeky wall mounted head, which acts as the door-bell.

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