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Hong Kong Phooey


  • Each 30 minute show had 2 episodes.

  • The Hong Kong Book of Kung Foo is Phooey's indispensable crime fighting bible. This mail-order instruction manual contains the unbelievable moves which the martial arts Master employs to catch his cunning criminal adversaries.

  • Amongst the mystic martial arts moves taught at the Hong Kong School of Kung Foo are: The Rice Paddy Flying Dragon Kick, Concentration Verbs, The Lychee Nut Thousand Stop, Wan Ton Wahoo, Number Five Special, and the Fortune Cookie Flip Flop.

  • Hong Kong Phooey drove the Phooeymobile - a vehicle that could transform into all manner of fantastic vehicles.

  • The Phooeymobile could change into: Phooey-copter, Phooey-balloon, Phooey-hovercraft, Phooey-stagecoach, Phooey-jet, Phooey-cycle, Phooey-safe, and Phooey-pogo-stick.

  • The Phooeymobile's super transformation is done with the aid of a gong.