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Mary Beth Lacey: "We go in together and it's 'Hello, Sgt. Cagney,' 'How ya doing, Sgt. Cagney?' I may as well have stayed in the car."
Christine Cagney: "Oh Mary Beth."
Mary Beth Lacey: "And when we go to the lab, Solomon offers you sushi, me, I get fiber samples. Don't tell me you never noticed."
Christine Cagney: "Well, maybe one or two times. You know how men are."

Harvey Lacey: "If you ask me, her show is strictly for kids."
Mary Beth Lacey: "You watch it."
Harvey Lacey: "What can I say, I'm a kid at heart."

Christine Cagney: "That is one tough lady."
Mary Beth Lacey: "I don't understand how she can live with it."
Christine Cagney: "Forget it Mary Beth."
Mary Beth Lacey: "No, I can't forget it Christine. See, I go home every night and no matter how bad a day it was, I think, well at least we took a little inch of crud off the city. I mean, of course, it'll be back tomorrow, but at least we're treading water. You know what I feel like right now? I feel like the crud is winning."

Christine Cagney: "We're gonna put the word out how you tried to set up the blacks, Eddie. You're gonna be a big hit in Attica. They're gonna be calling you the Queen of Soul!"