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  1. Cagney & Lacey

Series 1

  1. Bang, Bang, You're Dead (aka You Call This Plain Clothes?)
    The policewomen go undercover to nail a maniac who preys on prostitutes.
  2. Pop Used to Work Chinatown
    Cagney's father (Dick O'Neill), a retired cop, tries to help his daughter crack a case on his former turf.
  3. Beyond the Golden Door
    The disappearance of a teenager leads to a ring of smugglers that preys upon illegal aliens.
  4. Street Scene
    Chris and Mary Beth question an elderly man in the shooting of a Puerto Rican gang member, while trying to protect the victim's brother from a rival gang.
  5. Suffer the Children
    A call to rescue an abused child from a rooftop leads to clues to a murder.
  6. Better Than Equal
    Cagney and Lacey are assigned to protect an antifeminist leader who's the target of threats.

Series 2

  1. Witness to An Incident
    Cagney and Lacey have conflicting perspectives of a shooting.
  2. One of Our Own
    Chris and Mary Beth work overtime to nab a cop killer, which results in a family conflict for Mary Beth.
  3. Beauty Burglars
    Criminals posing as cops are robbing salon patrons.
  4. High Steel
    Harvey aids Chris and Mary Beth as they investigate the death of an ironworker who fell from a high-rise.
  5. Hot Line
    Samuels' job is in jeopardy after he locks horns with a deputy inspector over stranglings.
  6. Internal Affairs
    The team is assigned to spy on fellow officers after a leak is discovered during an investigation.
  7. Mr. Lonelyhearts
    A search for a missing woman leads Cagney and Lacey to a bigamy scam.
  8. Conduct Unbecoming
    To crack a weapons case, Chris and Mary Beth need the help of a cop on the outs with the department.
  9. I'll Be Home for Christmas
    The squad searches for a sticky-fingered Santa inadvertently released from a holding cell; Petrie's wife is about to go into labor.
  10. Recreational Use
    Chris and Mary Beth are teamed with the eager homicide detective Chris has been dating - who's using cocaine.
  11. Hopes and Dreams
    A disabled girl's cynicism makes Chris all the more determined to recover the girl's stolen bicycle.
  12. The Grandest Jewel Thief of Them All
    Chris feels she has a good chance at snaring a notorious jewel thief.
  13. Affirmative Action
    A new detective wants to prove herself to Chris and Mary Beth, who see her as a novice.
  14. Open and Shut Case
    Mary Beth testifies in what should be an open-and-shut murder case; Chris helps a rape victim who is reluctant to take the stand a fifth time.
  15. Jane Doe #37
    Chris takes the case of a murdered bag lady; the policewomen are asked to star in a recruiting commercial.
  16. Date Rape
    The men in the squad room have little sympathy for a woman raped by a singer when they learn the victim picked the man up in a bar.
  17. Burn Out
    Family and job demands drive Mary Beth to the brink of a nervous breakdown.
  18. Chop Shop
    Members of a car-theft ring take Isbecki hostage after they learn he's a cop; Petrie becomes involved in the shooting of a black youth.
  19. Let Them Eat Pretzels
    Efforts to arrest a diplomat's son for hit-and-run become tangled in red tape.
  20. The Gang's All Here
    While celebrating Petrie's promotion at a bar, squad members are robbed, an experience so humiliating to La Guardia that he resigns.
  21. A Cry for Help
    The policewomen are assigned to track down a fellow officer who's been beating his wife.
  22. The Informant
    Chris and Mary Beth disagree about using a young informant to help them nab a drug dealer selling PCP to students.

Series 3

  1. Matinee
    Cagney and Lacey investigate the disappearance of a housewife whose body is later found in a hotel catering to liaisons.
  2. A Killer's Dozen
    Cagney and Lacey must turn their homicide case over to a task force and patrol a beat when a strike puts all the detectives into uniform.
  3. Victimless Crime
    Cagney and Lacey investigate the death of a man at a porno filming site; a visiting French policeman makes overtures toward Lacey.
  4. The Bounty Hunter
    A cocky bounty hunter has Cagney seething as he stays one step ahead of her in their separate pursuits of a bail jumper wanted for armed robbery.
  5. The Baby Broker
    Emotions run high for Cagney, whose suitor doesn't appreciate her job dedication; and for Lacey, who volunteers to temporarily care for an abandoned deaf infant.
  6. Partners
    Lacey feels guilty when Cagney is hit by a robber's bullet, and angry about the attitude of her temporary partner.
  7. Choices
    The detectives battle an abusive landlord; Cagney thinks she may be pregnant.

Series 4

  1. Child Witness
    A father refuses to let his child testify in a molestation case; Petrie files a complaint against two officers who mistook him for a thief.
  2. Heat
    Tension rises with the temperature after Lacey is grabbed by an armed robber and held hostage in a sweltering boxcar.
  3. Insubordination
    Sgt. Dory McKenna (Barry Primus) is teamed with the detectives after kicking the drug habit that ended his romance with Cagney; a captain (Cotter Smith) who once worked for Samuels evaluates the department.
  4. Old Debts
    A cop killer on parole is murdered while in protective custody.
  5. Fathes and Daughters
    A case of suicide becomes complicated when the victim's wife confesses to murder - and so does his daughter.
  6. Taxicab Murders
    The dangers of Lacey's job hit home when her son overhears his parents arguing about Lacey's dangerous assignment to stop a rash of cab-driver murders.
  7. Unusual Occurence
    In the wake of questionable police shootings, Cagney draws media fire when she shoots a young burglar.
  8. Thank God It's Monday
    After the detectives' forgery collar makes bail they discover he's also wanted for a crime for which the statute of limitations is about to run out.
  9. Hooked
    Dory's sponsor in a detox program is picked up in a drug raid, but the evidence disappears shortly after Dory learns of the arrest.
  10. Lady Luck
    A successful executive attempts suicide; Isbecki falls for an artist who fought off a strangler.
  11. Out of Control
    Cagney meets Dory's kids; Lacey's son ignores warnings about playing with her gun.
  12. American Dream
    An arson victim hints about extortion, but balks at being an informant. Meanwhile, the Laceys consider buying a house.
  13. Happily Ever After
    Cagney considers marriage when Dory pops the question; a man steals a large sum of money to court a wealthy woman.
  14. Rules of the Game
    A fast-rising captain suggests that Cagney would do well to accept his advances.
  15. Stress
    Cagney thinks a stress-reduction program is a "waste of time," despite her own increasing stress following the release of a slasher who threatened her.
  16. Who Says It's Fair (Part 1)
    Lacey refuses to face the possibility of breast cancer; a large amount of cash is found in the locker of a missing latchkey kid.
  17. Who Says It's Fair (Part 2)
    Samuels treats Lacey with kid gloves, while Cagney presses her to get a second opinion; the detectives are called to testify against the 8-year-old's mother in a custody hearing.
  18. Lost and Found
    Comfortable with convalescence, Lacey considers staying home permanently; Cagney pursues the thief who stole her car.
  19. Two Grand
    Cagney gets a second chance to match wits with the debonair Albert Grand (Ferdinand Mayne), a jewel thief who made her look foolish during their last encounter.
  20. Con Games
    While preparing her sexual-harassment suit, Cagney learns that another officer was propositioned but won't testify; Lacey becomes a decoy.
  21. Violations
    A lawsuit ensues when a teenage shoplifter with fake ID is raped in a jail for adults.
  22. Organized Crime
    A mobster offers to help find the murderer of his godchild, a nun; everyone awaits the results of the sergeants' exam.

Series 5

  1. On the Street
    Cagney illegally detains a pimp to protect a prostitute who implicated him in murder.
  2. An Ordinary Hero
    A Chilean busboy apprehends a murderous mugger - and is apprehended himself after immigration agents see him honored on TV.
  3. The Psychic
    The detectives are ordered to work with a psychic, hired by an irate man after police evidence indicates his missing wife is a voluntary runaway.
  4. The Lottery
    A $2 million lottery ticket is forged; Cagney lends $50 to a suspect whose property's been attached; the Laceys discuss how to use their tax refund.
  5. Entrapment
    Cagney demands that Lacey go along with her lie that she didn't entrap a drug dealer; Isbecki betrays Petrie's confidence.
  6. The Clinic
    Cagney walks the line, while Lacey is clearly prochoice in abortion discussions sparked by the bombing of a women's clinic.
  7. Mothers & Sons
    A mother lies to clear her son of a violent robbery; and the Laceys disagree on how to handle a vandalism charge against Harvey Jr.
  8. Filial Duty
    Cagney's father is hospitalized; and a murder case prompts Lacey to consider taking a desk job.
  9. Old Ghosts
    Cagney's estranged brother wants their ailing father to join him in California; a complaint charges Cagney with laxity in her pursuit of a robber.
  10. Power
    Cagney's temporary command of the squad brings power-trip accusations from some of the men, particularly when she questions Isbecki's arrest of a hit man.
  11. Play It Again, Santa
    Cagney and Newman don Santa suits to probe the disappearance of two street musicians; and Cagney discovers that the lawyer she's dating is seeing others.
  12. Rebukes (aka The Rapist)
    A policewoman impresses Cagney with hard work that provides a suspect in rape cases, until her zeal threatens the investigation from a legal standpoint.
  13. Act of Conscience
    Cagney is teamed with a detective whose name is mud after going to the press about fellow cops on the take.
  14. DWI
    Lacey gets help from Harvey and night-shift head Cagney to build a case against a drunken driver who put her neighbor's son in a coma.
  15. The Gimp
    Cagney gains insight into the life of the physically impaired when she takes to a wheelchair to nail muggers preying on the disabled.
  16. Family Connections
    Cagney meets the new woman in her father's life; Isbecki regrets his lack of a family life; and, after a wild ride to the hospital, the Lacey family is increased by one.
  17. Post Partum
    West Point cadet caught with cocaine refuses to cooperate with Cagney's lawyer boyfriend; Lacey's father (Richard Bradford) comes looking for her - 30 years after leaving her.
  18. The Man Who Shot Trotsky
    Cagney presses an informant to get information on a drug supplier who walked away from an earlier arrest when Cagney admitted entrapping him.
  19. Exit Stage Centre
    An investigation of an actress's apparent suicide reveals several murder suspects; Cagney makes an interesting date; Harvey reveals a secret from his past to Lacey.
  20. Capitalism
    A lawyer who "helped" fellow Cambodian refugees for a fee is murdered; Lacey is affected by her husband's job pressures; Cagney tries to sell her car.
  21. Extradition
    Cagney has an uneasy reunion with her brother when the detectives travel to Los Angeles to extradite a criminal - who escapes.
  22. A Safe Place
    A thief is found to have plutonium in his blood; the Laceys make an offer on a house; Cagney faces a birthday.
  23. Model Citizen
    The detectives each deal with surprise visitors in their lives while they investigate the slaying of a "model citizen."
  24. Parting Shots
    The 14th deals with a cop killer on the loose.

Series 6

  1. Schedule One
    The Laceys move into their own house, but Mary Beth's joy is diminished by a junkie's claims that he saw a cop take heroin from a crime scene.
  2. Culture Clash
    Cagney and Lacey are up for positions on a robbery task force; an immigrant objects to the "poisoning" of his sister's soul by American influences.
  3. Sorry, Right Number
    A rash of burglaries coincides with a heat wave; Lacey and Isbecki are trapped in an elevator; Cagney frets over a long weekend with her main squeeze; Lacey gets a microwave.
  4. Disenfranchised (aka Incest)
    The detectives reopen the file on an alleged child molester after the court dismisses his daughter's claim that her sister was victimized.
  5. Role Call
    Cagney resents the presence of an actress from a TV cop show, who's riding with the detectives; Petrie's chance at a real-estate venture open only to blacks makes his partner envious.
  6. The Zealot
    The prosecutor in a child-porn case is murdered after dinner with Cagney; Lacey discovers that her son has an adult magazine.
  7. The Marathon
    A white South African runner refuses to withdraw from a marathon despite threats.
  8. Rites of Passage
    Sorority women are reluctant to discuss a sister's death; Cagney welcomes a classy new neighbor; Harvey Jr. faces a parental lecture on dating responsibilities.
  9. Revenge
    A wife beater is brutally murdered, and Petrie identifies the man's jewelry as belonging to his sister - who was raped and murdered 14 years earlier.
  10. To Thine Own Self Be True (aka The Rapist II)
    Cagney isn't sure her former partner killed a rapist in self-defense after she tells Cagney it was the man's second attack on her.
  11. Cost of Living
    Keeler will be defending the drug dealer who tried to kill Cagney; a man who threatened Lacey in court is paroled; and Cagney's father (Dick O'Neill) falls off the wagon.
  12. Waste Deep
    A woman claims that a toy company has been dumping toxic wastes; Lacey is tested by her doctor; and Cagney gets a surprise visit from a large young friend.
  13. Favours
    Cagney's father asks her to ignore his judge friend who's close to a loan shark; and Lacey's 12-year-old tells her he was offered pot at a friend's house.
  14. Ahead of the Game
    A medical examiner's report on a high-school basketball star's death reveals a surprise; relations are strained between Cagney and her pop; the Lacey home is burglarized.
  15. Easy Does It
    The detectives go undercover at AA and Al-Anon meetings, where Cagney sees an acquaintance; the 14th speculates about retirement for Samuels.
  16. To Sir, With Love
    Christine's busy with the birthday party for her namesake; a lovers' quarrel; a paperwork deadline to win a trophy coveted by Samuels; and the planning of the division dinner.
  17. Divine Couriers
    A woman recruits terminally ill people to deliver messages to the dead; Lacey needs a sitter for her baby, while Cagney's dad may need similar help.
  18. Right to Remain Silent
    An armed teen standing over a body fails to respond to Lacey's command to drop the weapon - because she's deaf.
  19. Special Treatment
    Lacey refuses an easy out from a fellow officer when she is arrested at a nuclear protest - so she is thrown in jail.
  20. Happiness is a Warm Gun
    Lacey is shot when she and Cagney corner two teenage theft suspects.
  21. Turn, Turn, Turn (Part 1)
    Lacey risks her life to save an infant; Cagney is shaken when she finds her father has taken his final drink.
  22. Turn, Turn, Turn (Part 2)
    The gap in her life and her envy of Lacey's fame leads Cagney to make excuses and denials threatening her career and friendships.

Series 7

  1. No Vacancy
    The detectives search for a home for a mental patient whose testimony helped gain a conviction; Harvey worries about his son's wardrobe; Cagney finds a tough AA sponsor.
  2. The City is Burning
    A lawyer charges racism in the investigation of a black youth's murder in a white neighborhood - committed with a gun stolen from Corassa.
  3. Loves Me Not
    A complaint is filed against Lacey after she responds to a neighborhood boy's call for help during his parents' violent fight; a promotion for Petrie also signals his departure from the 14th Precinct.
  4. Different Drummer
    Neighbors complain about an eccentric woman; the Laceys meet parents concerned about education; and a poker game presents a sober challenge to Cagney.
  5. You've Come a Long Way, Baby
    The detectives discover that their first big bust years before may have imprisoned the wrong man; Isbecki adjusts to his new partner.
  6. Video Verite
    A music video is stolen; Cagney's niece visits; the atmosphere is thick with politics at the Lacey house; precinct cops compete to be the model for a police doll.
  7. Greed
    The detectives go "undercover" on a rigged TV-game show, where each hopes to get credit for the bust.
  8. Secrets
    The detectives wrap up an assignment with Major Case Squad, but one member might be crooked; the past disrupts the Lacey household.
  9. Do I Know You?
    Cagney is the victim of date rape, and must struggle to keep control in the face of her co-workers' doubts.
  10. Old Flames
    An announcement from her now-adult son distracts Lacey, who's investigating the disappearance of an elderly couple.
  11. Trading Places
    Harvey is the victim of extortion, but Samuels' replacement refuses to let Lacey work on the case.
  12. Shadow of a Doubt
    An undercover drug bust is compromised when it's revealed that Cagney tested positive on an employee drug test while undercover; Isbecki's bachelor party is planned.
  13. Hello Goodbye
    Lacey takes an interest in two welfare children she suspects are being abused, while Cagney deliberates over a marriage proposal.
  14. School Daze
    Cagney and "Lucy" are welcomed back to school by their original hard-nosed instructor for a refresher course in interrogation.
  15. Land of the Free
    Cagney does verbal battle with a nun who disputes the evidence that a murder was part of a drug-related gang war; and with a handsome plumber she meets at an AA meeting.
  16. A Class Act
    To find a painting, the detectives play sophisticated ladies; and Samuels has a reunion with his ex-partner, who drops a bombshell.
  17. Button, Button
    A woman believes her boyfriend's death was not suicide; the Laceys learn the truth about an AIDS rumor at the school; Cagney crosses the AIDS conversational threshold with Nick (Carl Weintraub).
  18. Amends
    Cagney takes on the responsibility of leading a task force - and becoming an AA sponsor.
  19. Friendly Smoke
    Cagney's rapist goes on trial and Lacey's elder son is missing after a Marine helicopter goes down.
  20. Yup
    Burglary suspects include some yuppies who've experienced a recent downturn; Michael Lacey feels the shadow of his brother; and Cagney tries to avoid Sunday dinner with Mother Amatucci.
  21. A Fair Shake (Part 1)
    A bank president involved in embezzlement agrees to testify against his cohorts only if escorted from upstate.
  22. A Fair Shake (Part 2)
    The detectives learn why their companion is their companion, and how fervently he is being sought.


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  2. Cagney and Lacey: Together Again
  3. Cagney and Lacey: The View Through the Glass Ceiling
  4. Cagney and Lacey: True Convictions