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  • SCIFI.COM | Quantum Leap
    ... series Sciography posted May 20, 2003 Several biographies and interviews added to Cast & Crew July 23, 2002 SCI FI's Quantum Leap Web site is revamped, ...

  • Quantum Leap: The Accelerator Chamber
    Modern Artist Internet Solutions. Quantum Leap is the property of Belisarius Productions and Universal Studios. This is an unofficial ...

  • Project Quantum Leap
    Project Quantum Leap is a club for fans who love the television show Quantum Leap, and its stars Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell. ...

  • The Quantum Leap Information Kiosk
    The Quantum Leap Information Kiosk "The best online source of information about Quantum Leap and its stars.". ... ABOUT QUANTUM LEAP. ...

  • Answers to Common Questions about Quantum Leap Pt. 1
    Essays answering 42 commonly asked questions about Quantum Leap, both factual and theoretical, written by Karen Funk Blocher et al. ...

  • Ronit's Quantum Leap Pages (Main)
    In the year 1995 in New-Mexico a top secret project called Quantum Leap was invented and constructed by a brilliant quantum physicist Dr. Sam Beckett. ...

  • Welcome to The Quantum Leap Crusade
    Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished .... ...

  • Als Place - A Quantum Leap Fan Site
    Als Place Quantum Leap Fan Site has tons of photos, videos, sound files, links, and much more! ... Al's Place Quantum Leap Network by alsplacebartender. ...

  • Andy's Quantum Leap Web Site!
    ... Andy's Quantum Leap Episode Guide: SEASON 1 (1989 mid season) SEASON 2 (1989-90) SEASON 3 (1990-91) SEASON 4 (1991-92) SEASON 5 (1992-93) TV Movies (coming soon ...

  • Ian's Quantum Leap resources
    Quantum Leap resources. Local attractions. Accelerate '96 pictures. ... FTP. Gone, but not forgotten. The Quantum Leap Archive is now in the WWW section above. ...

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