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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Episode Guide

Series 1

  1. Welcome to the Hellmouth
    Buffy arrives in Sunnydale.
  2. The Harvest
    Buffy and Luke have a tussle.
  3. The Witch
    Buffy becomes a cheerleader.
  4. Teacher's Pet
    Xander nearly loses a lot more than his virginity.
  5. Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
    Giles dreams of being a grocer.
  6. The Pack
    Principal Flutie meets his maker.
  7. Angel
    Buffy and Angel get to know each other.
  8. I Robot, You Jane
    The lizard demon becomes a cyber monster.
  9. The Puppet Show
    Buffy, Xander and Willow enter a talent show.
  10. Nightmares
    Dreams can come true.
  11. Out of Mind, Out of Sight
    Cordelia finds her friends under attack.
  12. Prophecy Girl
    Buffy gets some very bad news about her future.

Series 2

  1. When She Was Bad
    Buffy's not the same after her holiday.
  2. Some Assembly Required
    Cordelia nearly goes to pieces.
  3. School Hard
    Spike and Dru come to town.
  4. Inca Mummy Girl
    Xander's girlfriend has a strange taste for men.
  5. Reptile Boy
    Snake-worshiping college boys cause a problem.
  6. Halloween
    The Scooby Gang get trapped in cursed costumes.
  7. Lie to Me
    Buffy's first crush comes to find her.
  8. The Dark Age
    Giles's past is summoned up.
  9. What's My Line (Part 1)
    Can Buffy find her path in life?
  10. What's My Line (Part 2)
    Buffy meets Kendra. She am de wompire slaya.
  11. Ted
    Buffy's mom gets a new boyfriend.
  12. Bad Eggs
    A school project hatches in an unexpected way.
  13. Surprise
    Angel and Buffy get closer together.
  14. Innocence
    Angel and Buffy get further apart.
  15. Phases
    Oz develops a surprising secret.
  16. Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
    Xander's love life goes horribly wrong.
  17. Passion
    Angelus demonstrates his power.
  18. Killed by Death
    Diagnosis: danger for Buffy.
  19. I Only Have Eyes For You
    What's gotten into Buffy and Angelus?
  20. Go Fish
    Xander goes undercover on the swimming team.
  21. Becoming (Part 1)
    Angelus tries to destroy the universe.
  22. Becoming (Part 2)
    Buffy races to stop Angelus.

Series 3

  1. Anne
    Buffy's problems have followed her to LA.
  2. Dead Man's Party
    Sunnydale doesn't exactly welcome Buffy back.
  3. Faith, Hope and Trick
    There's a new slayer in town.
  4. Beauty and the Beasts
    Oz comes under suspicion.
  5. Homecoming
    Cordelia and Buffy go head to head.
  6. Band Candy
    Joyce and Giles get in some Summer Lovin'.
  7. Revelations
    There's a new Watcher in town.
  8. Lovers Walk
    Spike returns to Sunnydale.
  9. The Wish
    Cordelia accidentally ends the universe.
  10. Amends
    Angel is tormented by evil spirits.
  11. Gingerbread
    Joyce begins a witch-hunt.
  12. Helpless
    Buffy loses her powers.
  13. The Zeppo
    An ordinary day in the life of Xander.
  14. Bad Girls
    Faith and Buffy grow closer.
  15. Consequences
    Buffy's in serious trouble.
  16. Doppelgängland
    Vampire Willow. Says it all.
  17. Enemies
    Faith curses Angel.
  18. Earshot
    Buffy struggles to save the school.
  19. Choices
    Willow is taken hostage.
  20. The Prom
    Can Buffy handle a broken heart and save the prom?
  21. Graduation Day (Part 1)
    The Mayor's getting hungy.
  22. Graduation Day (Part 2)
    It's the end of an era.

Series 4

  1. The Freshman
    Buffy's a freshman out of water.
  2. Living Conditions
    Buffy's roommate really is from Hell.
  3. The Harsh Light of Day
    Spike's looking for a tan.
  4. Fear, Itself
    Halloween goes wrong. Again.
  5. Beer Bad
    Alcohol is very bad for you.
  6. Wild at Heart
    Oz is under suspicion.
  7. The Initiative
    There's a secret military conspiracy on campus.
  8. Pangs
    The Natives are restless.
  9. Something Blue
    Willow's grief is all-consuming.
  10. Hush
    The Gentlemen come to town.
  11. Doomed
    It's the end of the world. Again.
  12. A New Man
    Giles wakes up with a monster head.
  13. The I in Team
    Buffy joins the Initiative.
  14. Goodbye Iowa
    Adam is unleashed.
  15. This Year's Girl
    Faith awakes from her coma.
  16. Who Are You
    Faith and Buffy go head-to-head in each other's bodies!
  17. Superstar
    It's a Celebrity deathmatch for Jonathan...
  18. Where the Wild Things Are
    Buffy and Riley hump so much they raise evil spirits. Really.
  19. New Moon Rising
    Willow has to make a tough choice.
  20. The Yoko Factor
    Adam's plans come to fruition.
  21. Primeval
    The Scooby Gang join together.
  22. Restless
    The gang get together, watch videos and fall asleep.

Series 5

  1. Buffy vs. Dracula
    A tall, dark, handsome stranger comes to town.
  2. Real Me
    Dawn's feeling left out of the group.
  3. The Replacement
    Xander gets a split personality.
  4. Out of My Mind
    Riley goes into overdrive.
  5. No Place Like Home
    Dawn gets explained and a new villain comes to town.
  6. Family
    Tara's big secret is about to be revealed.
  7. Fool for Love
    Buffy turns to Spike for advice on how to stay alive.
  8. Shadow
    As concern for Buffy's mother grows, Glory sets out to find her Key.
  9. Listening to Fear
    A slimey space demon arrives in Sunnydale.
  10. Into the Woods
    An emotional time for Buffy as Riley's dark secret is revealed.
  11. Triangle
    Willow and Anya cause troll trouble.
  12. Checkpoint
    A visit from the Watcher's Council tests Buffy to the full.
  13. Blood Ties
    Dawn discovers the truth about her existence.
  14. Crush
    Spike's old flame is back in town.
  15. I Was Made to Love You
    Someone has been making new friends - literally.
  16. The Body
    Buffy and friends try to cope with a tragic event.
  17. Forever
    Dawn dabbles with dark forces.
  18. Intervention
    Buffy's destiny revealed?
  19. Tough Love
    A turbulent time for Willow and Tara.
  20. Spiral
    The Scoobies flee, with knights on their tail.
  21. The Weight of the World
    Buffy slips into catatonia.
  22. The Gift (100th Episode)
    Death or Glory for Buffy?

Series 6

  1. Bargaining (Part 1)
    The Scoobies try to cope with Buffy's death.
  2. Bargaining (Part 2)
    Buffy is brought back to life.
  3. After Life
    Phantom fear for the Scoobies.
  4. Flooded
    A trio of slackers plots to take over Sunnydale.
  5. Life Serial
    Buffy tries to adjust to life in Sunnydale.
  6. All the Way
    Dawn is up to no good on Halloween.
  7. Once More, With Feeling
    A mysterious power forces the gang to sing.
  8. Tabula Rasa
    Willow casts a spell that causes problems.
  9. Smashed
    There's an old friend back in town.
  10. Wrecked
    Willow falls victim to a warlock.
  11. Gone
    Buffy gets a new look.
  12. Doublemeat Palace
    Buffy starts a job at a fast food joint.
  13. Dead Things
    Buffy is framed for murder.
  14. Older and Far Away
    It's birthday time for Buffy.
  15. As You Were
    Riley returns - and he's married.
  16. Hell's Bells
    Xander and Anya's big day has arrived.
  17. Normal Again
    Is Buffy losing her grip on reality?
  18. Entropy
    Xander and Buffy witness a shocking encounter.
  19. Seeing Red
    Is this the end for Tara?
  20. Villains
    Willow seeks vengeance after Tara's death.
  21. Two to Go
    Willow takes on Buffy and Anya.
  22. Grave
    An Apocalypse for Willow?

Series 7

  1. Lessons
    Back to school for Buffy and Dawn.
  2. Beneath You
    The worm turns nasty.
  3. Same Time, Same Place
    Willow is a shadow of herself.
  4. Help
    Can Buffy save a life?
  5. Selfless
    Anya returns to full-throttle vengeance.
  6. Him
    Clothes maketh the man.
  7. Conversations with Dead People
    Talking tales of terror.
  8. Sleeper
    Spike's in tune with evil...
  9. Never Leave Me
    Spike and Andrew are rather tied up.
  10. Bring on the Night
    Potential trouble for Sunnydale.
  11. Showtime
    Buffy faces the vampire that vampires fear...
  12. Potential
    Does slaying run in the family?
  13. The Killer in Me
    It started with a kiss...
  14. First Date
    Xander's hung up over a girl.
  15. Get It Done
    Buffy discovers her true heritage...
  16. Storyteller
    Lights, camera, Andrew...
  17. Lies My Parents Told Me
    Spike's mum bites back...
  18. Dirty Girls
    You've gotta have a little Faith...
  19. Empty Places
    Mutiny on the Buffy...
  20. Touched
    Outcast Buffy faces Caleb...
  21. End of Days
    Buffy cuts to the chase...
  22. Chosen
    Who will make the ultimate sacrifice?