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Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Name: Buffy Anne Summers
Actor: Sarah Michelle Gellar

The chosen one - the Vampire Slayer, whose skills have been passed down through generation after generation. Buffy finds it difficult to balance her responsibilities as the Slayer, with her duties as a high school pupil.

Name: Alexander "Xander" LaVelle Harris
Actor: Nicholas Brendon

Buffy's best friend along with Willow. Xander has no special powers, and is in fact something of a coward - yet, when push come to shove, he will never let his friends down.

Name: Willow Rosenberg
Actor: Alyson Hannigan

Buffy's best friend along with Xander. The bookworm of the group, who discovers witchcraft can be a powerful weapon in the fight against evil.

Name: Cordelia Chase (1-4)
Actor: Charisma Carpenter

The schools social climbing diva, who thinks that life is a popularity contest - and she's winning. That is, until her father becomes broke, and she finds out there's more going at the school than people are letting on.

Name: Rupert Giles
Actor: Anthony Stewart Head

Buffy's Watcher, sent by the Council to guide Buffy in her duties as the Slayer. Giles is Buffy's teacher, advisor and confidante, as well as becoming something of a father figure.

Name: Angel / Angelus (1-4)
Actor: David Boreanaz

A Vampire whose has been cursed with a soul by Gypsies. He now remembers his killing spree and is consumed with remorse. Angel becomes romantically involved with Buffy.

Name: Daniel Osbourne "Oz" (1-4)
Actor: Seth Green

Willow's love interest. There's nothing exceptional about Oz, he's a regular high school kid who plays in a band - until there's a full moon, then he turns out to be a werewolf.

Name: Spike / William the Bloody (2-7)
Actor: James Marsters

Spike was not known as William the Bloody for nothing - he and Angelus went on a killing spree which lasted a few centuries. Spikes killings also include Vampire Slayers.

Name: Riley Finn (4-5)
Actor: Marc Blucas

A key member in The Initiative, a secret government project designed to stem the flow of demon activity around the Hellmouth by implanting behavioural inhibitor chips in demon brains - including Spike's.

Name: Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins / Anyanka (3-7)
Actor: Emma Caulfield

Anyanka became a vengeance demon after her husband Olaf's betrayal, but was made mortal when Giles destroyed her power source. Anya and Xander then begin to date.

Name: Dawn Summers (5-7)
Actor: Michelle Trachtenberg

The Key, which is sent by monks to Buffy for her to protect, and given the human form of Buffy's sister.

Name: Tara Maclay (4-6)
Actor: Amber Benson

Willow's love interest.

Name: Joyce Summers (1-5)
Actor: Kristine Sutherland

Buffy and Dawn’s mother. Divorced from her husband Hank, she moved to Sunnydale with Buffy to start her own art gallery.

Name: Jonathan Levinson (2-4, 6-7)
Actor: Danny Strong

Shy, quiet, nerdy boy who tries to kill himself at school, but is saved by Buffy. Later returns to team up with Warren Meers and Andrew to take over Sunnydale.

Name: Andrew Wells / Cyrus (5-7)
Actor: Thomas Lenk

Bond wannabe who is in actual fact a powerless nerd. Bands with Jonathan and Warren with the intention of taking over Sunnydale.

Name: Faith (3-4, 7)
Actor: Eliza Dushku

A Vampire Slayer, who finds that fine line between good and evil way too fuzzy.

Name: Glory (5)
Actor: Clare Kramer

A god who wants to take over the world, but first she must find the Key - which is protected by Buffy.

Name: Wesley Wyndham-Pryce (3)
Actor: Alexis Denisof

A Watcher sent by the Council to replace Giles. Unfortunately, he is far too academic and completely without experience.

Name: Principal Snyder (1-4)
Actor: Armin Shimerman

Principal of Sunnydale High School, where Buffy and the Scooby gang go to school - and fight demons.

Name: Drusilla (2-5)
Actor: Juliet Landau

A Vampire driven made by Angelus and Spike.

Name: Harmony Kendall (1-5)
Actor: Mercedes McNab

Spike's "love interest".

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