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I Dream of Jeannie

Episode Guide

Series 1

  1. The Lady in the Bottle
  2. My Hero?
  3. Guess What Happened on the Way to the Moon?
  4. The Marriage Caper
  5. G.I. Jeannie
  6. The Yacht Murder Case
  7. Anybody Here Seen Jeannie
  8. The Americanization of Jeannie
  9. The Moving Finger
  10. Djinn and Water
  11. Whatever Happened to Baby Custer?
  12. Where'd You Go Go?
  13. Russian Roulette
  14. What House Across the Street?
  15. Too Many Tonys
  16. Get Me to Mecca on Time
  17. Richest Astronaut in the World
  18. Is There an Extra Genie in the House
  19. Never Try to Outsmart a Jeannie
  20. My Master, the Doctor
  21. Jeannie and the Kidnap Caper
  22. How Lucky Can You Get?
  23. Watch the Birdie
  24. Permanent House Guest
  25. Bigger than a Bread Box
  26. My Master, the Great Rembrandt
  27. My Master, the Thief
  28. This Is Murder
  29. My Master the Magician
  30. I'll Never Forget What's Her Name

Series 2

  1. Happy Anniversary
  2. Always on Sunday
  3. My Master, the Rich Tycoon
  4. My Master, the Rainmaker
  5. My Wild Eyed Master
  6. What's New, Poodle Dog?
  7. Fastest Gun in the East
  8. How to Be a Genie in 10 Easy Lessons
  9. Who Needs a Green Eyed Jeannie?
  10. The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday (1)
  11. The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday (2)
  12. How Do You Beat Superman
  13. My Master, the Great Caruso
  14. The World's Greatest Lover
  15. Jeannie Breaks the Bank
  16. My Master, the Author
  17. Greatest Invention in the World
  18. My Master, the Spy
  19. You Can't Arrest Me... I Don't Have a Driver's License
  20. One of Our Bottles is Missing
  21. My Master, the Civilian
  22. There Goes the Best Genie I Ever Had
  23. The Greatest Entertainer in the World
  24. The Incredible Shrinking Master
  25. My Master, the Pirate
  26. A Secretary Is Not a Toy
  27. There Goes the Bride
  28. My Master, Napoleon's Buddy
  29. The Birds and the Bees Bit
  30. My Master, the Swinging Bachelor
  31. The Mod Party

Series 3

  1. Fly Me to the Moon
  2. Jeannie or the Tiger
  3. The Second Greatest Con Artist in the World
  4. My Turned-On Master
  5. My Master, the Weakling
  6. Jeannie, the Hip Hippie
  7. Everybody's a Movie Star
  8. Who Are You Calling a Jeannie?
  9. Meet My Master's Mother
  10. Here Comes Bootsie Nightingale
  11. Tony's Wife
  12. Jeannie and the Great Bank Robbery
  13. My Son, the Genie
  14. Jeannie Goes Honolulu
  15. The Battle of Waikiki
  16. Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie? (1)
  17. Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie? (2)
  18. Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie? (3)
  19. Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie? (4)
  20. Please Don't Feed the Astronauts
  21. My Master, the Ghostbreaker
  22. Divorce Jeannie Style
  23. My Double-Crossing Master
  24. Have You Ever had a Jeannie Hate You?
  25. Operation: First Couple on the Moon
  26. Haven't I Seen Me Someplace Before

Series 4

  1. U-F-Oh Jeannie
  2. Jeannie and the Wild Pipchicks
  3. Tomorrow is Not Another Day
  4. Abdullah
  5. The Used Car Salesman
  6. Djinn, Djinn, Go Home
  7. The Strongest Man in the World
  8. Indispensable Jeannie
  9. Jeannie and the Top Secret
  10. How To Marry an Astronaut
  11. Dr Bellows Goes Sane
  12. Jeannie My Guru
  13. The Case of My Vanishing Master (1)
  14. The Case of My Vanishing Master (2)
  15. Ride 'em Astronaut
  16. Invisible House For Sale
  17. Jeannie, the Governor's Wife
  18. Is There a Doctor in the House
  19. The Biggest Star in Hollywood
  20. The Case of the Porcelain Puppy
  21. Jeannie for the Defense
  22. Nobody Loves a Fat Astronaut
  23. Around the Moon in 80 Blinks
  24. Jeannie-Go-Round
  25. Jeannie and the Secret Weapon
  26. Blackmail Order Bride

Series 5

  1. Jeannie at the Piano
  2. Djinn, Djinn, the Pied Piper
  3. Guess Who's Going to Be a Bride (1)
  4. Guess Who's Going to Be a Bride (2)
  5. Jeannie's Beauty Cream
  6. Jeannie and the Bachelor Party
  7. The Blood of a Jeannie
  8. See You in Cuba
  9. The Mad Home Wrecker
  10. Uncles a Go-Go
  11. The Wedding
  12. My Sister, the Homemaker
  13. Jeannie, the Matchmaker
  14. Never Put a Genie on a Budget
  15. Please Don't Give My Genie No More Wine
  16. One of Our Hotels Is Growing
  17. The Solid Gold Jeannie
  18. Mrs. Djinn Djinn
  19. Jeannie and the Curious Kid
  20. Jeannie, the Recording Secretary
  21. Help, Help a Shark
  22. Eternally Yours, Jeannie
  23. An Astronaut in Sheep's Clothing
  24. Hurricane Jeannie
  25. One Jeannie Beats Four of a Kind
  26. My Master, the Chili King


  1. I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years Later
  2. I Still Dream of Jeannie