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I Dream of Jeannie


Name: Captain Anthony "Tony" Nelson
Actor: Larry Hagman

An astronaut who gets more than he bargains for, when he makes an emergency landing on a deserted South Pacific island, and opens a green bottle. He's now caught up in a series of inexplicable situations that result from Jeannie trying to please.

Name: Jeannie
Actor: Barbara Eden

A genie imprisoned by the Blue Djin, and set free a couple of thousand years later by Tony. Now free, she is determined to please her new "master", although chaos generally results from her magic.

Name: Captain Roger Healey
Actor: Bill Daily

Tony's friend, and the only other person to know of Jeannie's existence. As a result, he too is caught in a web of mysterious, inexplicable situations that result from Jeannie's magic.

Name: Dr. Alfred E. Bellows
Actor: Hayden Rorke

A NASA psychiatrist who observes, records and ponders Tony & Roger's activities, determined to uncover the cause.

Name: Amanda Bellows (2-5)
Actor: Emmaline Henry

Dr. Bellows' wife. Like her husband she's rather suspicious, and slightly on the neurotic side.

Name: General Wingard Stone (1)
Actor: Philip Ober

Tony's commanding officer.

Name: Melissa Stone (1)
Actor: Karen Sharpe

Name: General Martin Peterson (1-4)
Actor: Barton MacLane

Tony's commanding officer, for most of the series.

Name: General Winfield Schaeffer (5)
Actor: Vinton Hayworth

Tony's commanding officer, when Barton MacLane (General Martin Peterson) leaves the show.

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