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Episode Guide

Series 1

  1. Trapped In The Sky
    2065 AD: Plotting to lure International Rescue into a position where he can photograph their top secret Thunderbird vehicles, The Hood straps a bomb to the landing gear of the Fireflash, an atomic-powered airliner. The Fireflash is unable to land, but if it stays in the air for more than two hours, the passengers and crew will receive fatal doses of radiation…
  2. Pit Of Peril
    The U.S. Army is testing a new all-terrain 'Sidewinder' vehicle when the ground gives way and it falls into a blazing pit with a three man crew trapped inside. General Peters calls in International Rescue, but Brains realises that they must tread carefully - the pit is the remains of a mine that has been used as a dump for military equipment…
  3. The Perils Of Penelope
    Professor Borrender disappears from a monotrain and Sir Jeremy Hodge calls in Lady Penelope to help find his friend. The pair retrace the missing scientist's steps but their every move is fraught with danger as the evil Dr. Godber intends to make good on his plans to seize world power!
  4. Terror In New York City
    An operation to move the Empire State Building ends in disaster when the ground gives way beneath it. A television reporter and his cameraman fall through a hole into a cavern and the Building collapses on top, trapping them beneath New York with water seeping into their hollow from an underground river...
  5. Edge Of Impact
    As part of his scheme to sabotage the new Red Arrow fighter plane, The Hood plants a diversion device on a telecommunications relay tower. When Red Arrow 2 makes its test flight, the plane is drawn off course and crashes into the tower, trapping two men in the control cabin as the tower disintegrates…
  6. Day Of Disaster
    A Martian Space Probe rocket is being transported to its launch site over the Allington Suspension Bridge when the bridge collapses, tipping the MSP into the river where it sinks to the river bed. The impact sets off an automatic countdown which will blow the rocket to pieces - and two engineers are trapped inside!
  7. 30 Minutes After Noon
    Hudson Building employee Tom Prescott is forced by the Erdman Gang to set an explosive device in the building, so as to destroy extensive files on their criminal organisation. But Prescott is trapped in the lift when the device detonates and the Hudson Building becomes a towering inferno...
  8. Desperate Intruder
    Brains and Tin-Tin join Professor Blakely on an expedition to search for treasure on the bed of Lake Anasta, but The Hood learns of their plans and is determined to steal the treasure for himself. Disguised as a Bedouin tribesman, he hypnotises the trio and Brains is soon up to his neck in trouble…
  9. End Of The Road
    To save his construction company, Eddie Houseman risks his life to plant explosive charges on a crumbling mountain peak. Too close when he fires the charges, the blast leaves his tractor teetering on the edge of the mountain trail. It's a job for International Rescue, but Eddie knows the Tracys personally - they cannot rescue him without blowing their cover!
  10. The Uninvited
    Thunderbird 1 is shot down over the Sahara by three unidentified fighter planes. Scott is rescued by a pair of explorers who are searching for the legendary pyramid of Khamandides, but later it is the explorers themselves who need rescuing when their supplies trailer overturns, leaving them lost in the desert without water...
  11. Sun Probe
    The Sun Probe, a rocket designed to capture a piece of the Sun, is launched from Cape Kennedy with three solarnauts aboard. But their mission goes drastically wrong when high radiation levels prevent the control systems from firing the retro rockets, locking the Sun Probe on a collision course with the Sun!
  12. Operation Crash-Dive
    After the mysterious loss of Fireflash 3, a test aircraft is launched on the same flight plan. The craft soon experiences difficulties and crashes into the sea, but as International Rescue sets out to rescue the trapped crew, Alan realises that the Fireflash has flown 180 miles off course - and deliberate sabotage can be the only cause!
  13. Vault Of Death
    At the Bank of England, workaholic employee Lambert is trapped inside a revolutionary new vault which automatically pumps all the air out to keep everything sterile. The vault can only be opened with an electronic key carried by Lord Silton, but Penelope's attempts to return Silton to the bank are mysteriously hampered by Parker…
  14. The Mighty Atom
    The Hood steals an amazing surveillance device - the Mighty Atom - and uses it to photograph the interior of a new atomic irrigation plant in North Africa. He then causes a fire which will result in the explosion of the plant's nuclear reactor, so as to photograph the International Rescue craft when they are called in to help…
  15. City Of Fire
    A car crash in the underground parking lot of the newly opened Thompson Tower maxi-mall causes a raging inferno which soon consumes the building when the sprinkler system fails. The Tower is evacuated but the Carter family are trapped by sealed fire doors in the access corridors beneath the Tower…
  16. The Impostors
    Disguised as International Rescue operatives, a pair of crooks make off with the top secret plans of the AL4 space interceptor missile during a bogus rescue mission near the Aeronautical Centre. When the robbery is discovered, General Lambert launches a worldwide search to track down International Rescue and bring them to justice!
  17. The Man From MI.5
    Penelope is contacted by MI.5 agent Bondson to help him track down the stolen plans for a nuclear device. Posing as model Gayle Williams, newly arrived on the French Riviera to expose the thieves, Penelope sets herself up as a target to lure the criminal gang into the open. But her plan works too well…
  18. Cry Wolf
    Tony and Bob Williams unwittingly call out International Rescue while playing and their story brings unwanted publicity for their father who is engaged in top security research for the military. The Hood intends to steal spy satellite photos from Williams' tracking station and trapping the boys in a disused mine is just the first part of his plan…
  19. Danger At Ocean Deep
    International Rescue experience mysterious radio blackouts and Brains traces the cause to a reaction between high density fuel and OD60 in close proximity. Jeff realises that this reaction was behind the destruction of Ocean Pioneer I six months ago, and now Ocean Pioneer II, loaded with liquid alsterene, is heading for the same fate...
  20. Move - And You're Dead
    After Alan wins the prestigious Parola Sands motor race using a new engine designed by Brains, a jealous competitor, Gomez, steals the car and leaves Alan and Grandma stranded on a suspension bridge over the San Miguel River. One move from either will detonate a bomb under the bridge itself!
  21. The Duchess Assignment
    Penelope and Jeff decide to help the Duchess of Royston, who has fallen on hard times, by arranging the rental of her precious Bricasso painting to the American Gazelle Corporation. Insisting that she ferries the painting to New York herself, the Duchess is kidnapped by a pair of ruthless crooks…
  22. Brink Of Disaster
    Penelope receives a visit from Warren Grafton who is looking for investors in his monorail company. Suspicious of his motives, she puts him in touch with Jeff who boards the totally automated Pacific Atlantic monorail with Brains and Tin-Tin to investigate Grafton's operations. But the trio soon find themselves in deadly danger when the train goes out of control…
  23. Attack Of The Alligators!
    At a lonely house on the Ambro River, Dr. Orchard has developed theramine, a food additive that greatly increases the size of animal livestock. But the drug is accidentally poured into the river and soon Orchard and his guests are trapped in the house by giant rampaging alligators!
  24. Martian Invasion
    The Hood sabotages an effects sequence on an 'invasion from space' film being shot in the Nevada Desert. Two actors, portraying policemen, are trapped inside a cave which begins to fill with water from an underground river - when International Rescue arrives, the entire rescue operation is captured on film!
  25. The Cham-Cham
    Penelope, Parker and Tin-Tin journey to Paradise Peaks in the Swiss Alps to discover the connection between the Cass Carnaby Five and a series of attacks on RTL2 missile transporters. After they expose the band's manager, he cuts the lines on their cable car, sending it hurtling down the mountainside, out of control!
  26. Security Hazard
    During a rescue mission, young Chip Morrison stows away aboard Thunderbird 2 and is not discovered until Virgil arrives back at Tracy Island. While Jeff tries to think of a solution to the potential security hazard, the boy exhibits a talent for encouraging the Tracy brothers to expose International Rescue secrets…

Series 2

  1. Atlantic Inferno
    Navy testing ignites a gas field beneath the Atlantic, endangering the crew of the Seascape drilling rig. When the two man crew attempt repairs from a diving bell, further explosions cause the bell to crash on to the sea-bed, trapping the men inside.…
  2. Path Of Destruction
    Crablogger One, a huge atomic-powered tree-felling machine, veers off course when its crew fall ill with food poisoning. The only way to stop the vehicle is by activating the secret reactor shut-down procedure from inside the control cabin. With the Crablogger on a collision course with the San Martino Dam, it's a race against time…
  3. Alias Mr. Hackenbacker
    The Skythrust, a new airliner designed by Brains, is to be the location for the unveiling of a new fashion collection by Penelope's friend Francois LeMare who has developed a secret new miracle fabric, Penelon. But the plane is hi-jacked by crooks intent on stealing the entire collection…
  4. Lord Parker's 'Oliday
    Penelope and Parker are among the guests at a hotel in Monte Bianco to witness the historic testing of a new solar generator. But during the night, the generator's solar reflector dish is struck down by lightning and comes to rest with the dish pointing directly at the town. As the sun rises the next morning, Monte Bianco will be burnt to a crisp!
  5. Ricochet
    The detonation of the TelSat 4 rocket damages an illegal pirate television satellite, KLA. On board, DJ Rick O'Shea and his engineer, Loman, realise that the satellite is heading for re-entry without breaking parachutes and when Loman attempts to repair the damage he is trapped in an airlock…
  6. Give Or Take A Million
    It is Christmas Eve and two crooks break into the vault of the Second National Bank from the toy department of Harman's Store next door. Setting off the vault alarm, the pair hide in a container of toys bound for the Coralville Children's Hospital, making it a Christmas to remember for the hospital staff!


  1. Thunderbirds Are Go!
    The excitement begins as Zero X, a 21st Century spacecraft, is leaving the earth's atmosphere bound for Mars with five men on board. The craft is suddenly blasted by a mysterious explosion. Sabotage! Can the Tracy team uncover the perpetrators and save the next launch? Be there as that urgent call comes in and Thunderbirds are Go.
  2. Thunderbird 6
    The trouble begins when rescue team member Alan Tracy sets out on a holiday with Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, her chauffeur Parker and their friend Tin-Tin. Once aboard Skyship One they discover that their quarters are bugged. Operation Ambush is underway, and Alan soon learns that a phoney message has sent Thunderbirds One and Two straight into a trap in Casablanca! Back at International Rescue Headquarters, millionaire ex-astronaut Gordon Tracy and his assistant, Brains, must come up with a plan to avert disaster - fast.