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Episode Guide

Series 1

  1. Mexican Slayride
    George Peppard plays a master of disguise who leads a versatile group of Viet vets secretly working as soldiers of fortune. Rounding out the team: a con artist (Tum Dunigan); a sullen master mechanic (Mr T); and an ace pilot (Dwight Schultz) who lives in a mental ward. In the opener, a newspaper reporter (Melinda Culea) wants the A-Team to free a colleague held by Mexican guerrilas.
  2. Children of Jamestown
    After the team rescues a girl from a crazed cult leader, Hannibal, BA, Face and Amy are captured by the man's followers and made the quarry for a death hunt.
  3. Pros and Cons
    BA's friend is held in a prison where the warden conducts fight-to- the-death boxing matches whose winner receives short-lived freedom. One-time heavyweight champ Ken Norton plays Jackhammer.
  4. A Small And Deadly War
    Hannibal plays cat and mouse with a renegade SWAT team that's committing murder for hire.
  5. Black Day At Bad Rock
    While treating a seriously wounded BA, a suspicious small town doctor notifies the sheriff, who fears that BA may be part of a biker gang returning to spring its jailed leader.
  6. The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas
    To rescue a "system" gambler from Las Vegas mobsters, the team uses a variety of masquerades, including Amy and Face as newlyweds, and Hannibal as a hit man working for the CIA.
  7. Holiday in the Hills
    The team crash-lands in the backwoods where they battle mountain men to save a man from being burned at the stake.
  8. The Out Of Towners
    The team takes up the cause of New York shopkeepers against neighborhood protection racketeers.
  9. West Coast Turnaround
    The team delivers produce to market for a farmer being driven out of business by a land-hungry rancher.
  10. One More Time
    The government drafts the team to rescue a general and his daughter from guerrilas in Borneo.
  11. Till Death Do Us Part
    Murdock dons a wedding gown and BA pops out of the cake at a wedding forced by the groom to gain control of the company he shared with the bride's late father.
  12. The Beast from the Belly of a Boeing
    Hannibal's plan to free a skyjacked airborne 747 requires a bit of adjustment when BA becomes cataleptic and Murdock is temporarily blinded.
  13. A Nice Place to Visit
    A murderous family is holding an entire town in thrall.

Series 2

  1. Diamonds N' Dust
    The second season gets under way with a bang as the team transports explosives to a Zimbabwe diamond mine whose owner was killed trying to make the delivery himself.
  2. Recipe For Heavy Bread
    The cook from the team's POW camp serves them a tip about a drug deal between the camp's ex-commander and a man who sold out to him as a prisoner.
  3. The Only Church In Town
    Face is convinced there's a case for the team after receiving a package from Ecuador containing his fraternity pin, given 15 years earlier to the woman who disappeared from his life.
  4. Bad Time On The Border
    Hannibal goes undercover as an alien seeking border passage as the team searches for an ill woman left behind by illegal-alien smugglers.
  5. When You Coming Back, Range Rider?
    2 hours. While the A-Team tries to corral wild horse rustlers, a dauntless army trouble-shooter tries to lasso the A-Team.
  6. The Taxicab Wars
    A small cab fleet hires the team to hack away at a rival company that sabotaged its operations and forced it out of business.
  7. Labor Pains
    The team helps migrant workers unionize against a landowner who's forcing them to work under slave-labor conditions.
  8. There's Always A Catch
    Decker hooks the A-Team just as they're reeling in an extortionist at a fishing village.
  9. Water, Water Everywhere
    A land developer is trying to run three disabled Viet vets off the desert property they're renovating.
  10. Steel
    Hannibal discovers a grave motive behind the sabotage of a construction site by the contractor who lost the bid.
  11. The White Ballot
    The plan to block a corrupt sheriff's reelection involves running Face as a candidate, the last of whom was murdered.
  12. The Maltese Cow
    Murdock mugs as Philip Marlowe as the team infiltrates a Chinese tong trying to extort money from a restaurant they helped to build.
  13. In Plane Sight
    The team employs a new method to prepare BA for a flight to South America, where drug smugglers are responsible for the imprisonment of an innocent man.
  14. The Battle Of Bel-Air
    An air battle with a high-tech chopper climaxes a probe of a security firm's kidnapping of its own employee (new regular Marla Heasly), who warned the team of an ambush by Decker.
  15. Say It With Bullets
    A WAC (Lauren Chase) asks the team to investigate the murder of her brother, who was involved with arms trafficking on a military base. But the team is unaware of her prior deal with Decker: The A-Team for her brother's murderer (Monte Markham).
  16. Pure-Dee Poison
    A southern minister (John Amos) wants to put the cap on a moonshine distributor (Bo Hopkins) whose product is lethal.
  17. It's A Desert Out There
    The sophisticated commando tactics that a gang uses for petty holdups suggest they're practicing for bigger game.
  18. Chopping Spree
    Face's prized Corvette is used as bait to nab car thieves, who instead steal BA's van, giving the big man a very Bad Attitude.
  19. Harder Than It Looks
    Rescuing a kidnap victim is "a piece of cake", except when the ransom money is left behind, and the victim insists on having one of her kidnappers rescued as well.
  20. Deadly Maneuvers
    Revenge is the motive as, one by one, the team falls victim to mercenaries hired by foiled criminals.
  21. Semi-Friendly Persausion
    The team is hard pressed to meet the demands of their clients, pacifists who won't allow violence despite the ruthlessness of bigots trying to run them off their property.
  22. Curtain Call
    With Decker closing in fast, flashbacks recall Murdock's contributions to his teammates as they struggle to keep him alive after he stops a bullet.

Series 3

  1. Bullets And Bikinis
    The team's third season begins in Florida, where they deal with mobsters trying to take over a small beachfront hotel.
  2. The Bend In The River
    2 hours. Tawnia asks the team to find her boyfriend, an archaeologist last seen on an Amazon expedition where his party was attacked by a pirate known as "The Coffin".
  3. Fire
    Yet another military nemesis (Charles Napier) takes the team in his sights while they help a small-town fire chief (Stephanie Kramer) battle a rival engine company trying to force her out of business.
  4. The Bells Of St Mary's
    A singing group from Face's alma mater face threats from a record company after refusing to resign with the label.
  5. Timber!
    Brother-and-sister loggers ask the team to help battle a self-appointed union organizer trying to put them out of business.
  6. Double Heat
    The search for an accountant's kidnapped daughter pits the team against feuding mobsters, one trying to prevent the father's grand-jury testimony, the other trying to insure it.
  7. Trouble On Wheels
    Hannibal punches into work at an auto plant where parts are being pilfered for profits.
  8. The Island
    An ex-Army medic who once saved BA's life sends for the team to fight a group of thugs who've taken over the tropical island where he doctors the natives.
  9. Showdown!
    Old nemesis Colonel Lynch is confident the team will appear at a wild west show, where an A-Team of imposters has been terrorizing the owner.
  10. Sheriffs Of Rivertown
    The team assumes sheriff's duties in a construction boom town in South America, where a series of "accidents" threatens to close down a powerplant project.
  11. Hot Styles
    Face's latest flame is abducted by mobsters, but protests when the team rescues her.
  12. Breakout!
    Decker is back on the team's trail when BA and Murdock are arrested and fingerprinted after robbers name them as their partners.
  13. Cup A' Joe
    A restaurateur wants to acquire a mom-and-pop diner, knowing its value will skyrocket with the new freeway off-ramp he's arranged.
  14. The Big Squeeze
    The team opens its own restaurant financed by the loan shark who scared another restaurateur out of taking the team's help against him.
  15. Champ!
    Mr T, who got his last serious workout in "Rocky III", returns to the ring as BA attempts to kayo drug traffickers.
  16. Skins
    The team travels to Kenya to trap poachers who killed a game warden.
  17. Road Games
    The stakes are high for Face when he infiltrates a gambling ring to clear a man's debt and save his foster home.
  18. Moving Targets
    A mideast prince thinks assassins have targeted his soon-to-be-wed daughter, so he hires the team to escort her down the aisle - but the prospective bride has other ideas.
  19. Knights Of The Road
    The team mobilizes to aid an auto mechanic who's being driven out of business by ruthless competitors.
  20. Waste 'Em
    Out to stop thugs threatening a man and his blind sister, the team unearths a plot to dump toxic wastes on a site where the siblings work.
  21. Bounty
    Bounty hunters kidnap Murdock as bait to capture the rest of the team. Schultz's wife Wendy Fulton plays Kelly.
  22. Beverly Hills Assault
    A Beverly Hills art dealer is stealing originals and replacing them with fakes.
  23. Trouble Brewing
    Two sisters' dreams of marketing all-natural sodas may fizzle under pressure to convert their plant into a brewery.
  24. Incident At Crystal Lake
    A fishing expedition turns into a manhunt when Colonel Decker shows up at the team's lakeside retreat.

Series 4

  1. Judgement Day
    2 hours. The fourth-season opener takes the team to Italy to rescue a judge's daughter from mobsters. But bringing her home via ocean liner is no joy.
  2. Where Is The Monster When You Need Him?
    While helping a friend who's filming a monster movie in Mexico, the team encounters some restless natives.
  3. Blood, Sweat & Cheers
    The team races to the rescue when Hannibal's nephew's chances of winning the regional stock-car race are threatened.
  4. Lease With An Option To Die
    Some goons are trying to force BA's mother out of her Chicago apartment.
  5. The Road To Hope
    Hannibal poses as a wino to avoid an Army trap, and stumbles onto a racket that involves knocking off winos.
  6. The Heart Of Rock 'N' Roll
    Singer Rick James asks the team to help an old rock-and-roll legend whose time in prison has made life very dangerous for him.
  7. Body Slam
    Hulk Hogan asks his old friend BA for the team's help against a mobster who's out to close down a youth club - for no apparent reason.
  8. Mind Games
    The team's leery when Face suddenly recieves a government pardon, and when Face sets out on his own, it's all the team can do to keep an eye on him.
  9. There Goes The Neighborhood
    A rock star (Valerie Stevenson) under a kidnap threat hires the team to protect her until things quiet down - which is exactly what doesn't happen when they move into a small suburban neighborhood.
  10. The Doctor Is Out
    Murdock's psychiatrist is kidnapped and the team travels to South America to find him, accompanied by a woman claiming to be the man's daughter - among other things.
  11. Uncle Buckle-Up
    Hannibal auditions for a kid's show and gets a bigger role than he expected when the team discovers the show's fronting a heroin ring.
  12. Wheel of Fortune
    Murdock wins big on "Wheel Of Fortune", and may lose big when he's kidnapped in a plot to steal a Soviet gunship.
  13. The A-Team is Coming, The A-Team is Coming
    The team is enlisted to stop the theft of an American satellite weapon that could start World War III. The team's employer - the Soviets.
  14. Members Only
    Face's attempts to join an exclusive country club are ruined when the team encounters a crooked bank president.
  15. Cowboy George
    Face thinks he's booked country singer Cowboy George into one of the West's toughest dance halls, but his agent friend sends him Boy George instead. Culture Club performs.
  16. Waiting For Insane Wayne
    A case of mistaken identity involves the team in a battle over property rights and an oil well.
  17. The Duke Of Whispering Pines
    One of BA's old girlfriends has a problem: her husband, BA's college rival, is missing.
  18. Beneath the Surface
    Face returns for a reunion at his orphanage and encounters an old friend's sister, who's worried about her brother's whereabouts, and an old girlfriend, who wants to turn Face in to the Army for a reward.
  19. Mission Of Peace
    The team is hired by some senior citizens to help them protect the Texas mission they run as a tourist attraction.
  20. The Trouble With Harry
    Hulk Hogan's visit to BA is interrupted when the team tries to help a troubled youth save his alcoholic father from some gangsters. William "Refrigerator" Perry appears as himself.
  21. A Little Town with an Accent
    The team comes to the aid of gas-station owners who are being forced to sell out by thugs, and uncovers an organized-crime kingpin who was supposed to be dead.
  22. The Sound of Thunder
    General Fulbright persuades the guys to return to Vietnam with him on the pretext of finding the one man who can clear them.

Series 5

  1. Dishpan Man
    Part 1. In the fifth-season opener, the team is blackmailed by a retired general (new regular Robert Vaughn) who kidnaps Hannibal and threatens to have him prosecuted unless he can secure the release of hostages on a plane in Spain.
  2. Trial By Fire
    Part 2. The team's court-martial begins and things look grim as the prosecution reveals a suprise motive in the death of Colonel Morrison.
  3. Firing Line
    Part 3. Murdock and Frankie work feverishly to free Hannibal, BA and Face before they're executed, but Stockwell seems to be around every corner.
  4. Quarterback Sneak
    In East Germany, the team uses a "friendly" game of football as a ruse to sneak out a chemical-warfare scientist who wants to defect.
  5. The Theory of Revolution
    The team is sent to rescue three Americans from a Third World country and becomes embroiled in the island's ongoing revolution.
  6. The Say Uncle Affair
    Stockwell is kidnapped and the team must find him within 18 hours or his operations will be terminated - as well as his deal with the team.
  7. Alive at Five
    Face's plans to leave the team are put on hold when the team is ordered to rescue a newswoman from a paranoid mob chief.
  8. Family Reunion
    A former political advisor's deal to trade a diary for a team-arranged reunion with his daughter takes on new meaning when Murdock learns that the man may be Face's father.
  9. The Crystal Skull
    The guys' quest to secure a valuable religious artifact brings them face to face with warring island tribes - and some unusual "missionaries".
  10. The Spy Who Mugged Me
    Murdock poses as a suave secret agent to trap a killer before he can complete another mission.
  11. The Point of No Return
    When Hannibal is thought to be missing or dead in Hong-Kong, Stockwell and the team goes in to rescue him.
  12. The Grey Team
    A girl who believes her father's selling out to the Soviets grabs his briefcase and runs, and it's up to the team to bring her in from the cold. [Last show of the series.]
  13. Without Reservations
    Frankie and Face visit Murdock at his job at a restaurant, and the three are taken hostage by mobsters out to kill a patron: the US Attorney General. [Lost episode finally aired during reruns.]