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Name: Colonol John Smith
Actor: George Peppard

Nicknamed "Hannibal" after the famous Cartiginian General who was able to utilize unconvential tactics to win against impossible odds. He is the ringleader of the original commando team nicknamed The A-Team and remained so as they became fugatives.

Name: Lieutenant Templeton Peck
Actor: Dirk Benedict

Nicknamed "Face" or the "Faceman" because he is a man of a thousand faces. He is able to disguise and con his way in to and out of almost any situation. He is the teams resident con-man who usually ends up gathering information for the team due to his innate charm.

Name: Sergeant First Class Bosco Albert Barracus
Actor: Mr T

Nicknamed "Bad Attitude" or "BA" for short for his firey temper and strength to back it up. He is the teams mechanic and strongman, whenever they get into a fist fight, they can rely on him to even the score, regardless of the odds.

Name: Captain H M Murdock
Actor: Dwight Schultz

Nicknamed "Howl'n Mad" and often called "Crazy Man" by his friend BA. He is called so because of a bi-polar disorder which makes him see and hear things that aren't really there. Dispite this, his expertise in flying just about any conventional (and often unconvential) aircraft is a must for the Team when they travel via the friendly skies.

Name: Amy Amanda Allen (1-2)
Actor: Melinda Culea

A newspaper reporter that accompanied the A-Team.

Name: Tawnia Baker
Actor: Marla Heasley

A newspaper reporter who took over for Amy Allen.

Name: Colonel Lynch (1)
Actor: William Lucking

Attempted, in vain, to catch the A-Team.

Name: Colonel Decker (2-4)
Actor: Lance LeGault

Chased the A-Team due to the grudge he held against them from his time in Vietnam.

Name: General Harlan "Bull" Fulbright (4)
Actor: Jack Ging

General Fulbright pursued the A-Team, but had a change of heart about them in his last episode.

Name: General Hunt Stockwell (5)
Actor: Robert Vaughn

Stockwell captured the A-Team and then forced them to do his bidding.

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