Penelope Pitstop
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The Perils of Penelope Pitstop


Name: Penelope Pitstop
Voice: Janet Waldo

Penelope was, once again, involved in a road race aboard her Compact Pussycat. Penelope was an heiress, whose vast fortune would go to her lawyer (Sylvester Sneekly) if anything ever happened to her (presumably, the lady had no next of kin).

Name: Sylvester Sneekly / The Hooded Claw
Voice: Paul Lynde

As Penelopes lawyer, decided to follow his lawyerly instincts by spending every episode trying to do away with Penelope so that the fortune would be his. Disguising himself and using the pseudonym "The Hooded Claw," Sneekly launched a variety of assaults on the heroine.

Name: Bully Brothers
Voice: Mel Blanc

Sneeklys henchmen, two twins who spoke in unison, most likely because they shared a brain. With only half a brain each, the brothers actually did very little to assist Sneekly and most often ended up being a hindrance.

Name: Ant Hill Mob
Voice: Mel Blanc, Don Messick, Paul Winchell

A collection of pint-sized gangsters, each of whom had a distinct persona. Even though they were entered in the race as well, they couldn’t resist coming to the aid of the beautiful Penelope.

Name: Narrator
Voice: Gary Owens

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