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Inspector Morse


Name: Morse
Actor: John Thaw

Chief Inspector. An Oxford man, who ended up a policeman. Educated, likes classical music (sings in a choir), a great thinker - does The Times crossword, and thinks better with a pint of beer. He is full of ideals and despairs at human nature, so surrounds himself with the classics. The thought of retirement fills him with dread - he'd just get bored.

Name: Robert "Robbie" Lewis
Actor: Kevin Whately

Detective Sergeant. Morse's downtrodden sidekick. Lewis comes from Newcastle, has a state education, is a family man, and doesn't drink (normally because he's driving) - the complete opposite to Morse. After being "trained" by Morse, Lewis becomes his right hand - Morse relies on Lewis so much he'd be lost without him.

Name: Strange
Actor: James Grout

Chief Superintendent. Morse's boss who cant really work him out, but knows him well enough to realise he's his best man, and trusts him to deliver. Likes to call everyone "Matey", possibly because he knows it irritates Morse (retaliation for Morse's Golf gibes).

Name: Dr Max deBryn
Actor: Peter Woodthrope

Pathologist. Likes to tease Morse, because he knows him so well. A good friend of Morse, and always there for a chat over a pint. Greatly missed by Morse, after he suffered his stroke, and was replaced by Dr Russell.

Name: Dr Grayling Russell
Actor: Amanda Hillwood

Pathologist. A breath of fresh air to Morse, as much a friend as Max (they even went on a date). Does not like to be treated with kid gloves, and hates being called "dear".

Name: Dr Laura Hobson
Actor: Clare Holman

Pathologist. Gives as good as she gets, and always stands her ground. A complete professional with an outstanding record, and showing no real emotion in cutting people up.

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