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Name: Michael Knight
Actor: David Hasselhoff

The strong arm of FLAG, impetuous and intuitive, a not-by-the-book guy. He's tenacious, a fighter, the kind of man who "rattles cages until the monkeys fall", who'll never quit. On a case, he'll get responses from people - fear & loathing from the crooks, admiration from the good people, and from the woman - something more than admiration.

Name: KITT
Voice: William Daniels

Arguably FLAG's biggest asset, developed by Knight Industries. A high-performance sports car, laced with a virtually indestructible alloy, and fitted with artificial intelligence - making KITT the fastest, safest, strongest car in the world.. and with a mind of its own.

Name: Devon Miles
Actor: Edward Mulhare

Head of FLAG. A highly sensitive, yet strong man, Devon is quite paternal to Bonnie. Devon will never understand Michael's culinary tastes or his penchant for getting involved with so many members of the opposite sex, but underneath, he will always admire him, grudgingly.

Name: Bonnie Barstow (1, 3-4)
Actor: Patricia McPherson

Bonnie is KITT's mechanic. She knows all about his systems. Bonnie has doctorial degrees in Computer / Engineering sciences. She along with Devon Miles follow Michael to all his assignments and help him with the investigating. They follow along in the semi.

Name: April Curtis (2)
Actor: Rebecca Holden

April is also one of KITT's mechanics. She, like Bonnie, worked with Devon in the semi. She also helps with investigating, and uploads information into KITT.

Name: Reginald Cornelius III "RC3" (4)
Actor: Peter Parros

When Michael was in Chicago on a case, KITT got destroyed. While Bonnie worked on all the systems, RC3 and his friends fixed the body and made KITT into a covertable. Devon then offered RC3 a job, and he drove the semi.

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