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The Addams Family


19 Oct 1998

"The New Addams Family" series aires, with John Astin playing Grandpapa Adams.

22 Sep 1998

"Addams Family Reunion" (aka "Addams Family 3") released in cinemas.

19 Nov 1993

"Addams Family Values" released in cinemas.

12 Sep 1992

"The Addams Family" animated series aires.

22 Nov 1991

"The Addams Family Movie" released in cinemas, starring Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia.

28 Sep 1988

Charles Samuel Addams (creator) dies due to a heart attack, aged 76.

1 Mar 1984

Jackie Coogan (Fester) dies following a heart attack, aged 69.

3 Aug 1983

Carolyn Jones (Morticia) dies due to colon cancer, aged 54.

16 Jan 1979

Ted Cassidy (Lurch) dies due to complications after open heart surgery, aged 46.

14 Jan 1978

Edith Blossom MacDonald aka. Blossom Rock & Marie Blake (Grandmama) dies aged 82.

31 Oct 1977

"Halloween with the New Addams Family" (aka "The All New Addams Family Halloween") special aires.

8 Sep 1973

"The Addams Family" animated series aires.

17 Sep 1965

Series 2 aires.

18 Sep 1964

Series 1 aires.