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Episode Guide

Series 1

  1. Under The Gun
    Sledge Hammer is a no-nonsense cop whose best friend is his .44 Magnum and loves to use excessive force to collar criminals. Recalled from suspension when the mayor's daughter is kidnapped, Hammer vows to bring her back "dead or alive". To keep him in check, Hammer is partnered with Detective Dori Doreau. Together, they unravel a mystery involving a militant organization behind the kidnapping.
  2. Hammer Gets Nailed
    A news reporter and his cameraman spend the day with Hammer and Doreau, only to wind up driving the reporter off a cliff during a police chase. The reporter does an expose on Hammer's tactics that results in his suspension, yet again, from the force. Hammer returns to the department's good graces after he disarms a bomb in a clock store while the television cameras are rolling.
  3. Witless
    After a mobster puts out a one week only million-dollar contract on Hammer, every killer in the city, and some financially strapped cops, tries to claim the prize. After an attempted hit takes place in Capt. Trunk' s office, Hammer is ordered to spend the week in a small "Hamish village. Hammer proceeds to disrupt the lives of this pacifistic community. By the time the hired gunmen arrive, the formerly peaceful farmers, who Hammer corrupted into the ways of violence, assist him.
  4. They Shoot Hammers, Don't They?
    An escaped convict wrecks havoc in the city, promising even more destruction unless Hammer agrees to meet him in an old west style showdown. The convict is John Kogan, Hammer's childhood rival as well as former partner in the police department. Kogan is also the only man faster on the draw than Hammer a fact that Sledge is well aware of.
  5. Dori Day Afternoon
    When Hammer and Dori make a trip to the bank they become involved in an armed robbery. The detectives are taken hostage and the robbers demand a plane to take them to Rio. Dori tries to convince Hammer to let her use her training in terrorist psychology and persuasion before he starts blowing everyone away.
  6. To Sledge, With Love
    Hammer is asked to straighten out some young hoods that have taken over their high school. He discovers that the gang is working for a local car theft ring. Hammer convinces the teens to put their violent nature to good use by training them to become cops.
  7. All Shook Up
    Hammer and Dori are assigned to locate a serial killer who is bumping off Elvis impersonators. In order to flush out the killer Hammer attends The Famous School For Elvis Impersonators where all the victims were once students. Complete with sequins and pompadour, Hammer enters an Elvis contest and sings The Battle Hymn of the Republic setting himself up as bait.
  8. Over My Dead Bodyguard
    When the press reveals that Capt. Trunk is scheduled to testify against a mob boss, Hammer is assigned as his bodyguard. In an attempt on his life Trunk is wounded and taken to the hospital. Sledge decides to make a bogus report that the captain’s been killed, but an assassin learns Trunk is still alive and infiltrates the tightly secured hospital posing as a physician.
  9. Magnum Farce
    When a group of vigilante cops begin killing criminals who have gotten off due to legal technicalities, Hammer is assigned to infiltrate the group. To test his loyalty the rogues assign him the task of killing a female district attorney who is out to stop them. While this same D.A. tries to seduce Hammer in her home, Sledge learns that she is really the leader of the vigilantes and plans to kill him.
  10. If I Had a Little Hammer
    Hammer and Dori pose as a couple wanting to adopt a baby in order to discover who is kidnapping infants from a hospital maternity ward. They learn that the hospital’s head nurse and her brother are behind the abductions, which lead to an incongruous shootout in a baby supply warehouse.
  11. To Live and Die on TV
    After a winning game show contestant is murdered, Hammer investigates. He learns that the show’s host did the killing, obscuring the fact that he’d also embezzled the prize money. Hammer signs on as a contestant to make the host try to kill again.
  12. Miss of the Spider Woman
    Hammer is poisoned by a mysterious woman and learns that he has only twelve hours to live. Hammer learns that the only cure for the poison is held by a group of monks in the Andes who have taken a vow of silence. Severely weakened, Hammer must hunt down the perpetrators before it’s too late made worse by the fact that it’s also daylight savings time.
  13. The Old Man and the Sledge
    Hammer gets his idol, a retired police detective with a reputation for old school toughness, a job as a security guard at a local jewelry store. When the store is robbed, the old man is wounded and ends up at a retirement home. Hammer feels responsible for what happened and vows to get revenge on the thieves not realizing he’s also giving the old man one last shot at glory.
  14. State of Sledge
    When Hammer arrests the leader of a Satanic cult, Internal Affairs insists that the cultist be allowed his one phone call. Soon after the cultist makes the call, the precinct headquarters is surrounded by hundreds of demented devil worshippers. With communications to the outside cut off, Hammer devises a risky plan to lift the state of siege.
  15. Haven't Gun, Will Travel
    A gang of silver thieves, working in cahoots with an unscrupulous police psychiatrist, destroys Hammer's psyche when they steal his beloved 44 Magnum effectively crippling the crime fighter.
  16. The Color of Hammer
    When Hammer's favorite hanging judge dismisses charges against a local mobster, Hammer investigates. The judge is found murdered with the only clue leading to a shady pool hall. Sledge poses as a pool shark to uncover the racketeer who has been blackmailing city officials.
  17. Brother, Can You Spare a Crime?
    When a handsome jewel thief is arrested, he manages to convince Hammer that he’s his long-lost brother enlisting Sledge’s aid in his rehabilitation.
  18. Desperately Seeking Dori
    While pursuing a counterfeiter, Doreau gets knocked on the head. The results are a personality disorder that makes her behave in the same anti-social, violent manner as her partner Hammer.
  19. Sledgepoo
    Hammer's search for a jewel thief leads to an upscale beauty salon, where henchmen rob the society matrons’ homes during their hair appointments. Hammer goes undercover as a hairdresser in order to stop the British thieves who are after the ladies' jewels.
  20. Comrade Hammer
    Hammer is assigned to protect a Russian scientist who is being pursued by the KGB, leading to a cross country train journey fraught with peril.
  21. Jagged Sledge
    Hammer goes on trial for the murder of the city's leading crime boss. Capt. Trunk and Dori are called upon to give damaging testimony against Hammer and everyone is convinced he’s guilty, including Hammer himself.
  22. The Spa Who Loved Me
    Bodybuilding terrorists led by a female aerobics instructor steal a nuclear warhead from the military and threaten to destroy the entire country. Hammer and Dori are assigned to the case and are captured by the group. When Hammer gets control of the situation he tries to disarm the device. Seconds later, the bomb explodes.

Series 2

  1. A Clockwork Hammer
    A demented television programmer schemes to brainwash witnesses in the trial of a notorious mobster. Hammer pretends that he has damaging evidence against the gangster, resulting in his being abducted. Under brainwashing he is convinced to kill the district attorney during a televised trial.
  2. Big Nazi on Campus
    A co-ed's murder leads Hammer and Doreau down separate paths to identify the villain, with Hammer's gut instincts pointing to a campus football star.
  3. Play it Again, Sledge
    A trench-coated stranger, visible only to Hammer, becomes Hammer's constant companion after he is suspended from the force and opens his own detective agency.
  4. Wild About Hammer
    Hammer's deft display of machismo gains him an instant admirer in a psychotic new officer who sets her sights on him. When he rejects her advances the woman threatens to murder Dori unless Hammer changes his mind.
  5. The Death of a Few Salesmen
    Hammer goes undercover as Aussie used-car salesman Crocodile Ralph in order to catch the woman who married, then killed, six car dealers.
  6. Vertical
    An incident atop a high-rise building triggers a fear of heights in Hammer, which gets him a ground floor assignment guarding a gun moll. Pursued by a hit man, Hammer is unable to save her from being thrown from the top of a lighthouse. Later, Hammer swears he’s seen the dead woman returned to life as a waitress.
  7. Dressed to Call
    Hammer vows to collar a crackpot caller who is threatening the host of It's a Gal's World, a radio program aimed at a female audience focusing on their number one problem: men.
  8. Hammer Hits the Rock
    Rumors of a mobster’s planned prison break send Hammer undercover at a Federal pen disguised as notorious hit man Nick the Dart.
  9. The Last of the Red Hot Vampires
    Hammer investigates the deaths of a movie director and a starlet amidst reports that a legendary film vampire has returned from the grave.
  10. Hammeroid
    Hammer pursues a crazed android named BORC, until he himself is turned into a half-man, half-machine named Hammeroid by a megalomaniac bent on creating an army of automatons.
  11. Sledge in Toyland
    Hammer searches for the murderer of a toy magnate and his mistress who were both done in by lethal playthings.
  12. Icebreaker
    Hammer tries to get even for being aced out of an investigation by a top British operative, in the United States to thwart a terrorist's planned assassination of an archbishop, who also romances Dori.
  13. They Call Me Mr. Trunk
    The precinct is quarantined by the military after Hammer takes into custody a man exposed to a highly toxic substance he tried to steal from a germ-warfare center.
  14. Model Dearest
    After a model disappears and her cousin is hospitalized, Doreau goes undercover to infiltrate a modeling agency that is really a front for a white-slavery ring.
  15. Sledge, Rattle & Roll
    A sleazy record producer is confronted by Hammer after a heavy-metal rock star and his band are murdered.
  16. Suppose They Gave a War & Sledge Came?
    Hammer plots to unmask a killer whose dastardly deed was committed during a corporate survivalist war game.
  17. The Secret of My Excess
    Hammer scours the city's sleazy bars on a top-secret assignment to find the governor's missing daughter, who reportedly fell in with the wrong crowd.
  18. It Happened What Night?
    Hammer and Doreau are the brunt of co-worker's jokes after the two are unable to recall events after posing as newlyweds in a honeymoon suite, attempting to nab suspects conducting a narcotics deal next door.
  19. Here's to You, Mrs. Hammer
    A reunion with an old chum takes Hammer back to a time when he wasn't so callous, until he learns that this same friend plans to marry the ex-Mrs. Hammer. This leads to a personal crisis for Sledge, forcing him to confront not only his past but also his future.