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Episode Guide

Series 1

  1. Where is Everybody?
    Greeted by empty streets, a man searches a small town to find that he is completely and inexplicably alone.
  2. One for the Angels
    Informed that his time on Earth is about up, a gentle sidewalk salesman named Bookman talks Mr. Death into letting him make one really big pitch — "one for the angels" — before he dies.
  3. Mr. Denton on Doomsday
    A broken-down gunslinger finds a magic potion that restores his shooting skill, but brings an end to his fast-draw career.
  4. The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine
    A forgotten star of the thirties uses films of her old movies to re-create the spirit of her heyday.
  5. Walking Distance
    A man's need to escape the pressure of his work is so great that he slips back 30 years into his own childhood.
  6. Escape Clause
    A man makes a pact with the devil for immortality then finds he doesn't get a kick out of living anymore.
  7. The Lonely
    Convicted of murder and sent to a deserted asteroid for 40 years, a man is given a robot woman for company.
  8. Time Enough at Last
    Nearsighted, meek bank clerk Henry Bernis is the sole survivor of an H-bomb attack. At last he has the time to engulf himself in his passion for books. Or so he thinks.
  9. Perchance to Dream
    A terrified man stumbles into a psychiatrist's office, afraid that if he falls asleep a woman in his dream will murder him.
  10. Judgment Night
    A passenger on board a wartime freighter has a premonition that the ship will be sunk by a Nazi submarine at 1:15 a.m., but no one believes him.
  11. And When the Sky Was Opened
    Three astronauts, returning from man's first space flight, cannot remember the events of their trip. Then they begin to disappear one by one.
  12. What You Need
    A down-and-out man tries to turn another man's ability to tell the future into a money-making scheme.
  13. The Four of Us are Dying
    Arch Hammer can change his face to look exactly like someone else, a talent that he depends on for a living.
  14. Third From the Sun
    Two families steal a rocket ship and flee to another world before atomic war devastates their own.
  15. I Shot an Arrow into the Air
    A panicky astronaut traveler, believing his ship has crashed on a deserted asteroid, kills his two companions to save water, then discovers his shocking true location.
  16. The Hitch-Hiker
    Driving cross-country, a girl keeps seeing the same hitch-hiker on the road ahead, beckoning her toward a fatal accident.
  17. The Fever
    A man fanatically opposed to gambling battles a Las Vegas one-armed bandit with a malevolent will of its own.
  18. The Last Flight
    Fleeing from a World War One dogfight, a cowardly British pilot lands his 1917 biplane at a modem jet air base in France ... in 1959.
  19. The Purple Testament
    A soldier unexpectedly acquires the power to recognize death in the faces of men about to die in battle.
  20. Elegy
    Earth-like scenes from many historical periods greet three space travelers who land on a strange planet.
  21. Mirror Image
    A young woman grows panicky when she is haunted by a strange double who keeps appearing in a bus depot.
  22. The Monsters are Due on Maple Street
    A mysterious power failure causes paranoid suburban residents to suspect one another of being disguised creatures from outer space.
  23. A World of Difference
    A businessman inexplicably finds his office has become a set for a movie in which he is a character.
  24. Long Live Walter Jameson
    A college professor is startled to learn that his young colleague and prospective son-in-law was born 2000 years ago with the gift of eternal life.
  25. People Are Alike All Over
    Sam Conrad, the first human to visit Mars, is relieved to find that the Martians treat him kindly and even build him a house like his home on Earth — but with one big difference.
  26. Execution
    An outlaw in the Wild West of the 1880s is snatched from the hangman's noose by a modern scientist's time machine.
  27. The Big Tall Wish
    A 10-year-old boy tells a prize fighter that he will make a wish for him to win his comeback fight.
  28. A Nice Place to Visit
    A small-time hoodlum gets killed by the police during a robbery and finds an afterlife where he can have anything he wants.
  29. Nightmare as a Child
    A teacher's encounter with herself as a child unlocks her memory of witnessing her mother's murder.
  30. A Stop at Willoughby
    A harassed executive escapes into the peaceful town of Willoughby … in July 1880.
  31. The Chaser
    A lovesick man finds unexpected results when he buys a potion from a stranger to help woo the woman he desires.
  32. A Passage for Trumpet
    A down-on-his-luck trumpet player is given a second crack at life after being struck down by a truck.
  33. Mr. Bevis
    A happy-go-lucky man loses his job, his car and his home in one morning, then meets his "guardian angel" who tells him they will start the day anew.
  34. The After Hours
    A woman who buys a thimble on the ninth floor of a department store later discovers the floor doesn't exist, and makes a startling discovery after the store closes.
  35. The Mighty Casey
    The manager of a baseball team on a losing streak hires a robot pitcher called Casey.
  36. A World of His Own
    A playwright describes characters into his tape recorder and they materialize before his eyes.

Series 2

  1. King Nine Will Not Return
    A downed bomber pilot crash-lands in the desert. When he regains consciousness he cannot find any of his crew members.
  2. The Man in the Bottle
    An impoverished pawnbroker is granted four wishes by a genie in a bottle. It's not just that his wishes ended up not being what he expected — it's what they did end up being.
  3. Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room
    A small-time hood assigned to kill an old man finds himself confronted by another version of himself in his own living reflection.
  4. A Thing About Machines
    A bad-tempered writer is convinced the machines in his home are conspiring to destroy him.
  5. The Howling Man
    Taking refuge in a European monastery during a storm, a man hears someone howling and is told it's the Devil who is being held prisoner.
  6. The Eye of the Beholder
    In a hospital room, her face completely covered by medical wrappings, a woman waits to see if a last-chance operation on her face has fixed the freakishness that will have her sent to a reservation of outcasts.
  7. Nick of Time
    A superstitious newlywed husband finds a penny fortune-telling machine that makes uncannily accurate predictions about his life.
  8. The Lateness of the Hour
    A young woman, bored with the precise, faultless routine of her family's life, persuades her father to dismantle their robot servants.
  9. The Trouble with Templeton
    A distinguished, aging actor who reflects on the happier days of his youth gets a sobering glimpse of the past.
  10. A Most Unusual Camera
    A pair of petty thieves find that a camera they have just stolen can predict the future by the pictures it takes.
  11. Night of the Meek
    Henry Corwin, a down-at-the-heels department store Santa, dispenses Christmas cheer to a mission house with the help of a sack that will produce whatever one asks for.
  12. Dust
    An unscrupulous traveling salesman sells some "magic dust" he claims will save a man due to hang for killing a little girl during a drunken spree.
  13. Back There
    A man tries to prevent the assassination of Abraham Lincoln when he finds himself thrust back in time.
  14. The Whole Truth
    The disreputable patter of a used-car dealer changes when he buys a haunted car from an old man and finds he is suddenly unable to lie to his customers.
  15. The Invaders
    A lone woman battles two miniature spacemen whose craft crashes into her isolated farmhouse.
  16. A Penny For Your Thoughts
    Timid bank clerk Victor Pool discovers that a coin that lands on its edge as he pays for a paper leaves him with the power to read minds.
  17. Twenty-Two
    A young woman complains of a recurring nightmare in which she always ends up in Room 22 — the hospital morgue.
  18. The Odyssey of Flight 33
    A commercial airliner, en route to New York, breaks through the time barrier into the prehistoric past.
  19. Mr. Dingle, the Strong
    A timid little man is experimentally endowed with superhuman strength by a visiting Martian scientist.
  20. Static
    An old radio picks up signals from the past that unexpectedly rejuvenate a pair of elderly lovers.
  21. The Prime Mover
    Two men try to make their fortune at Las Vegas from the power one of them has to move inanimate objects.
  22. Long Distance Call
    A young boy keeps in touch with his dead grandmother via the toy telephone she once gave him.
  23. A Hundred Yards over the Rim
    A 19th-century Western settler, desperately searching for water for his sick son, takes a walk that inexplicably leads him into the next century.
  24. The Rip Van Winkle Caper
    Four thieves plot to hide out with their loot for 100 years in a state of suspended animation.
  25. The Silence
    A garrulous man, bet half a million dollars that he can't keep silent for one year, goes to bizarre lengths to win the wager.
  26. Shadow Play
    A condemned man tries to convince the people around him that everything and everyone is merely part of a recurring nightmare that always ends in his execution.
  27. The Mind and the Matter
    A book about thought gives a clerk the power to accomplish anything just by willing it, leaving him free to create an ideal world. Or at least his version of it.
  28. Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up
    On the night of a UFO sighting, seven people at a diner claim to be of Earth, though one of them is not.
  29. The Obsolete Man
    A librarian in a future society is declared obsolete and told he must die.

Series 3

  1. Two
    A man and a woman from different sides of a war are the sole survivors of a nuclear holocaust.
  2. The Arrival
    An airline official tests his theory that a newly arrived but totally empty plane is imaginary-with startling results.
  3. The Shelter
    A group of neighbors turns into a hostile mob when they try to invade one family's bomb shelter, believing a nuclear attack is imminent.
  4. The Passersby
    A crippled Civil War soldier comes to realize that he and the people around him are not walking away from battle-they are dead.
  5. A Game of Pool
    A pool master returns from the dead to play one last game with an eager young hustler.
  6. The Mirror
    A victorious revolutionary is shown a mirror in the presidential office that is reputed to show the watcher his own assassins.
  7. The Grave
    A hired gunman defies a Western outlaw's warning that if he ever came near his grave he'd reach up and snatch away his life.
  8. It's a Good Life
    A six-year-old boy holds a town in terror with his powers to change or destroy anyone or anything at will.
  9. Deaths-Head Revisited
    At the Dachau concentration camp, a former Nazi is tried by a phantom jury of his tortured victims.
  10. The Midnight Sun
    The Earth has fallen out of its orbit and is drawing closer to the Sun, inflicting ever-increasing heat on the planet.
  11. Still Valley
    A Confederate scout is given a magical book that could guarantee their victory.
  12. The Jungle
    A prospector, threatened with death by a native conjuror for violating African land, feels himself stalked in the deserted streets of Manhattan by some giant jungle beast.
  13. Once Upon a Time
    Nineteenth-century janitor Woodrow Mulligan tries on a time helmet invented by his boss and is catapulted 72 years into the future. Featured are two routines by the legendary silent comedian Buster Keaton's: the lock step and putting on a pair of trousers.
  14. Five Characters in Search of an Exit
    Five people — a ballet dancer, a major, a clown, tramp and a bagpipe player — trapped in a featureless enclosure with no idea how they got there attempt to escape.
  15. A Quality of Mercy
    During a battle, a fanatical and racist World War II soldier mysteriously experiences the situation in the body of a Japanese counterpart.
  16. Nothing in the Dark
    An aged recluse barricades herself in an abandoned building in order to avoid "Mr. Death."
  17. One More Pallbearer
    A wealthy man devises an elaborate hoax to force three people to apologize for humiliating him earlier in his life.
  18. Dead Man's Shoes
    A down-and-out man steals the fancy shoes from the body of a murdered gangster and finds himself living in the dead man's footsteps.
  19. The Hunt
    A hunter and his faithful dog are drowned while chasing a raccoon, and confront a gatekeeper who implies that he is St. Peter and that Heaven lies inside.
  20. Showdown with Rance McGrew
    The ghost of Jesse James takes revenge on an insufferable cowboy star for his shabby film treatment of all the bad guys.
  21. Kick the Can
    The magic of a children's game enables a group of old people to recapture their youth.
  22. A Piano in the House
    A strange piano allows the listener's hidden character to be suddenly revealed.
  23. The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank
    When a young man steps out of his coffin at his own funeral the townsfolk grow to suspect that the devil has assumed the man's body.
  24. To Serve Man
    Apparently benign alien emissaries show mankind how to end the misery of war, plague and famine.
  25. The Fugitive
    A magical old man delights the local children with his power to change his appearance.
  26. Little Girl Lost
    A couple is awakened in the middle of the night by the cries of their six-year-old daughter who has fallen through a mysterious door into another dimension.
  27. Person or Persons Unknown
    A man awakens one morning to find that no one recognizes him, not even his mother.
  28. The Little People
    A space traveler terrorizes the tiny inhabitants of a space station into accepting him as their God, but when another space ship arrives the tyrannical man discovers everything is relative….
  29. Four O'Clock
    To combat all that he considers evil, a cranky man decides to make every evil person two feet tall at exactly 4 p.m.
  30. Hocus-Pocus and Frisby
    A celebrated yam-spinner finds no one will believe his latest tale — that he was kidnapped by aliens.
  31. The Trade-Ins
    Unable to afford a personality transplant for both himself and his wife, a pain-wracked old man has his mind placed in a new youthful body at his wife's insistence.
  32. The Gift
    A crashed space traveler is hounded to death by mistrustful villagers.
  33. The Dummy
    A ventriloquist becomes convinced that his dummy has a will and a life of its own.
  34. Young Man's Fancy
    A man's intense longing for the happy days of his boyhood succeeds in actually making the past reappear — to the chagrin of his new bride.
  35. I Sing the Body Electric
    A widowed father buys his three young children an electronic grandmother to the delight of all but one of them.
  36. Cavender is Coming
    A hapless apprentice angel is given one last chance to win his wings, by helping awkward, inept Agnes Grep. The pilot for an unmade series, it is the only Twilight Zone episode with a laugh track.
  37. The Changing of the Guard
    A well-loved teacher feels his useful life is over when he is asked to retire.

Series 4

  1. In His Image
    A scientific genius creates an almost-perfect mechanical man, combining all the qualities he feels are missing in his own imperfect, human self.
  2. The Thirty-Fathom Grave
    Sounds heard from a submarine sunk 20 years before haunt the man who believes himself responsible for the sinking.
  3. Valley of the Shadow
    A reporter comes upon a peaceful village that guards the secret of creating and obliterating matter. Once he learns the secret, it takes another miracle to release him from the responsibility of the knowledge.
  4. He's Alive
    The ghost of Adolf Hitler inspires a young American hatemonger to achieve a short-lived success.
  5. Mute
    Experimenting with the powers of telepathy, a mother and father try to raise their daughter in a world free of verbal communication.
  6. Death Ship
    Facing odd circumstances on another planet, an astronaut refuses to admit that he and his crew may be dead.
  7. Jess-Belle
    A girl strikes a deadly bargain with a witch to ensure the attention of a young man.
  8. Miniature
    Charley Parkes, a shy bachelor, falls in love with a tiny, beautiful museum doll who he believes is alive.
  9. Printer's Devil
    A newspaper editor who is facing bankruptcy hires a man who claims to be the Devil.
  10. No Time Like the Past
    A time traveler attempts to alter history by trying to wam the people of Hiroshima, assassinate Hitler and persuade the captain of the Lusitania to change course.
  11. The Parallel
    An orbiting astronaut passes into a strange parallel world.
  12. I Dream of Genie
    A mild-mannered clerk finds Aladdin's lamp but decides that using his one wish for wealth, power or the girl of his dreams would be a waste of the lamp's power.
  13. The New Exhibit
    A wax museum's custodian takes in the discarded effigies of famous murderers.
  14. Of Late I Think of Cliffordville
    A ruthless captain of industry strikes a deal with the Devil and goes back in time to the life he remembers as a young man.
  15. The Incredible World of Horace Ford
    A toy manufacturer recalls his youth with such longing that he becomes a boy again.
  16. On Thursday We Leave For Home
    The leader of an expedition to a remote asteroid cannot bring himself to face the dissipation of his authority that returning to Earth would bring.
  17. Passage on the Lady Anne
    An unhappily married couple on a last-attempt cruise to save their marriage find themselves on an old ship filled with even older couples and an ageless secret.
  18. The Bard
    A hack TV writer conjures up William Shakespeare to act as his collaborator, but his network bosses have their own ideas about what makes for "great television."

Series 5

  1. In Praise of Pip
    Bookie Max Phillips learn that his soldier son, Pip, has been critically wounded in Vietnam. Remorseful over the way he raised him, Max pleads with God to take his life in place of his son's.
  2. Steel
    A small-time promoter, desperate for his purse from a robot prize fight, secretly takes the place of his damaged robot in the ring.
  3. Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
    A newly released mental patient is the only one able to see a gremlin ripping up the wing of his airliner.
  4. A Kind of a Stopwatch
    A talkative man acquires a stopwatch with the power to halt all other action in the world.
  5. The Last Night of a Jockey
    A down-and-out jockey yearns to be a giant of a man so that everyone would look up at him.
  6. Living Doll
    A man is threatened with revenge by the expensive talking doll he is planning to dispose of.
  7. The Old Man in the Cave
    A small community has survived the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust by accepting the advice of The Old Man in the Cave.
  8. Uncle Simon
    A woman learns that she has inherited the estate of the uncle she left to die provided she looks after his latest invention — a robot that mysteriously takes on the nature of her dead uncle.
  9. Probe 7 - Over and Out
    The lone survivors of two devastated planets meet on a new world.
  10. The 7th is Made Up of Phantoms
    During maneuvers near the site of Custer's Last Stand, three national guardsmen find themselves plunged into the Battle of Little Big Horn.
  11. A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain
    A wealthy old man begs his doctor-brother to inject him with an experimental youth serum.
  12. Ninety Years Without Slumbering
    An old man believes that his life will end the moment his grandfather clock stops ticking.
  13. Ring-A-Ding Girl
    A movie star receives a gift from her hometown fan club that gives her a premonition of the future.
  14. You Drive
    A motorist's car won't let him forget his guilt over killing a young cyclist and fleeing from the scene.
  15. The Long Morrow
    A deep-space astronaut smashes the suspended-animation device that will keep him young, so that he can age at the same rate as the woman he loves.
  16. The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross
    A man finds he has the power to trade character traits, infirmities and even his lifespan with others.
  17. Number Twelve Looks Just Like You
    A young woman resists pressure to be transformed into a state-controlled image of flawless beauty.
  18. Black Leather Jackets
    An advance party of an alien invasion force arrive in a quiet residential neighborhood disguised as leather-jacketed motorcycle youths.
  19. Night Call
    A bedridden spinster receives mysterious phone calls from her long-dead fiancι.
  20. From Agnes with Love
    A computer programmer grows to realize that under the stainless-steel exterior of the world's most advanced computer is the complex soul of a jealous woman who has fallen in love with him.
  21. Spur of the Moment
    A young woman out riding fails to understand the significance of an encounter with her future, older self — until it is too late.
  22. An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
    A Confederate spy is sentenced to hang during the Civil War but appears to make a miraculous escape. This virtually silent episode was a French film that had won first prize for short subjects at the 1962 Cannes Film Festival, and which was trimmed by several minutes for The Twilight Zone. It went on to win an Academy Award.
  23. Queen of the Nile
    A magazine writer is determined to discover the secret of an ageless movie star's everlasting youth.
  24. What's in the Box
    A cab driver turns on the television and sees a portent of his wife's death after an argument. When he tries to tell his wife, she won't listen to him — and an argument starts....
  25. The Masks
    A wealthy old man compels his hateful family to wear masks they think are the opposite of their personalities. When they remove the masks a frightening change has taken place.
  26. I Am the Night - Color Me Black
    The sun fails to rise on the morning that a town's "idealist" is due to be executed for killing one of his bigoted neighbors, and the community finds itself locked in the darkness of hate.
  27. Sounds and Silences
    A man who has lived his life joyously surrounded by loud noise suddenly finds that trivial sounds, such as dripping water, begin to drive him insane.
  28. Caesar and Me
    An impoverished ventriloquist accedes to his dummy's demands that he turn to crime to make money.
  29. The Jeopardy Room
    A KGB agent sent to kill a Russian defector plants a bomb in the man's hotel room and gives him three hours to find and disarm it and so win his freedom, or else fail and die.
  30. Stopover in a Quiet Town
    The day after a drunken party, a married couple awakens in an unfamiliar house with no idea how they got there.
  31. The Encounter
    A Japanese gardener finds that a samurai sword has vowed to avenge the murder of its master.
  32. Mr. Garrity and the Graves
    A con man convinces the inhabitants of a Western town that he can raise the dead from the local cemetery.
  33. The Brain Center at Whipple's
    A heartless industrialist fires his entire factory staff and replaces them with machines. Then the machines start acting mischievously.
  34. Come Wander with Me
    A popular folk singer persuades a backwoods girl to sing an authentic ballad into his tape recorder — and finds the song coming tragically true.
  35. The Fear
    A state trooper and an unstable woman both think they have found traces of a giant visitor from outer space.
  36. The Bewitchin' Pool
    Two unloved children escape from their squabbling parents to a world that offers them a chance of happiness with a strange, kindly woman.