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The Munsters


Name: Herman Munster
Actor: Fred Gwynne

Created in a laboratory in Germany by Dr. Frankenstein. Herman was later adopted by a family named Munster in England. Employed at the Gateman Goodbury & Graves funeral home. His boss is Mr. Gateman.

Name: Lily Munster
Actor: Yvonne DeCarlo

Herman's ever loving wife, mother to Eddie, aunt to Marilyn, and daughter of Grandpa Munster. Lily is the linch-pin of the whole family keeping things together.

Name: Grandpa Munster III
Actor: Al Lewis

Born in Transylvania ("the Old Country"), his real name is Count Dracula (aka Sam Dracula). Some sources put his age of at around 378. Monster World puts it at over 430 years old. He is a mad scientist, Magician and psychic (he can tell when the phone is about to ring)

Name: Marilyn Munster
Actor: Beverly Owen (eps 1-13), Pat Priest

Daughter of Lily Munster's unnamed sister. She attends Westbury College. Her aim is to find a man - any man, which shouldn't be difficult as she's blonde, beautiful and sexy. Marilyn does well on dates until she brings them home, as a result she is periodically melancholia.

Name: Edward "Eddie" Wolfgang Munster
Actor: Butch Patrick

Eddie wears a Little Lord Fauntleroy suit. He carries his doll, "Wolfie" around wherever he goes. Enrolled in fifth grade at Mocking Bird Heights Elementary School, he wrote school composition titled "My Parents, an Average American Family" (written in blood ink). He also won several ribbons for track competition at school.

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