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Name: David Lister
Actor: Craig Charles

The sole surviving member of the whole human race. Inventor of the fried-egg-and-chilli-pickle sandwich and most likely the scruffiest, smelliest individual ever to grace the universe.

Name: Arnold Judas Rimmer
Actor: Chris Barrie

A hologram, supported by the ships computer. Lister's former bunkmate and a total smeghead whose incompetence was responsible for the accident that killed everyone in the first place.

Name: Cat
Actor: Danny John-Jules

A cool creature with a supercool wardrobe, the result of three million years of feline evolution, a descendent of the pet Lister smuggled aboard.

Name: Kryten
Actor: David Ross (2), Robert Llewellyn (3-8)

A deranged, square-headed android whose sole function in life is to serve. Kryten is probably the only reason Red Dwarf hasn't been declared a "no-go" area by the Space Sanitary Department.

Name: Holly
Actor: Norman Lovlett (1-2, 7-8), Hattie Haydridge (3-6)

The ship's computer. Originally with an IQ of 6000, now with an IQ of about 6.

Name: Christine Z Kochanski
Actor: Claire Grogan (1-6), Chloe Annett (7)

Name: Captain Hollister
Actor: Mac McDonald

Name: Tod Hunter
Actor: Robert Bathurst

Name: Peterson
Actor: Mark Williams

Name: Chen
Actor: Paul Bradley

Name: Selby
Actor: David Gillespie

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