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Mobile Devices

ClassicTV can be also be accessed via a WAP browser equipped mobile phone. It's about making information available, anywhere.

Just "dial"

ClassicTV WAP access is very similar to web access. The only difference being the use of a WAP browser designed to view pages written in WML page description language, rather than the usual web browser and pages written in HTML. Naturally, due to the size of the screen and keyboards the WAP user interface is more limited, but when you can access this site from anywhere then hey, so what?

The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is a set of open, global protocols for developing applications and services that use networks. The WAP protocols are mainly based on already existing Internet protocols, but are optimised for mobile users with wireless devices. Those devices are connected to Network Providers (Operators) who act as a gateway to the Internet. Your device should come pre-set to connect to WAP services. All you should do is "dial" ClassicTV's WAP address above and follow the instructions on screen.