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The ClassicTV search box adds additional functionality to the standard linking types, by allowing your visitors to search the ClassicTV web site.

HTML allows developers to establish links from one page to another, defining a relationship between the documents. This provides a way for the user to retrieve additional data on the same subject as the current page. This is typically how users find the data they are looking for. The Web is based on this fundamental principal of establishing relationships (through links) between distinct data files.

A web sites usefulness (and subsequent number of visitors) can be greatly increased by the intelligent use and placement of links to other documents. The content of some well known and successful sites consist of nothing but links (e.g. "" and "").


Just copy the HTML code below and paste it into your web page to get a ClassicTV search box on your site.

  <IMG SRC="">
  <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="query" SIZE=30>
  <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Search">


This will create a search box that looks like this.

Please note that future changes in CassicTV's services may cause this code to stop working.